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Sign Taurus Week:  May 11 - 17
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Clever Mercury adds mental clarity to your second house of personal finances and your mind will be able to process details carefully. Show your mettle and keep your impulsive nature under control as the week begins. It's a very fortunate week for you, and some good news will come, associated with some excellent luck or opportunity, whether for travel, romance, or a quick flutter. Wednesday will be especially favourable. You'll be busy with lots of work and sizing up the competition. Radiant Venus, ruler of the bullish boys and girls, this week shows her rear end as she heads backwards on the cosmic freeway. In time, you'll be less than out there or find the stuff of love or money harder to manage. Revise the budget then stick to what's required. Friday will give you the opportunity to hang out with your friends and just celebrate the lifting of the coronavirus restrictions if you are lucky enough to be in a sensible time zone. If you meet someone in the middle of an emotional drama, try not to get involved unless you intend to be helpful. Chill on Sunday! Take time to drift and dream.

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