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Sign Taurus Week:  Sep 28 - Oct 4
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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It's all a little bit wild and restless for the peace-loving Bull as the week begins. Make sure you sort out some business with someone close. Don't rely on everything you hear, midweek. As Mercury enters Scorpio the best way to understand your partner is to put your heads together and talk. Mind you, it's equally important to listen to what they have to say in response! If there's a problem with money, no doubt you'll hit it head on as Friday comes. Some new ideas or a new solution are just what the doctor ordered. As Mars moves to Libra, there's a lot to do and you're focused on getting every little task done. You may seem scattered, but you want to be busy, otherwise the idle energy will turn into anxiety. Avoid getting into arguments with co-workers, and take extra care in the workplace. Get into the fresh air on the weekend. Why not put yourself in a position where romance can intensify? A delightful stranger may be in full pursuit, so get out and enjoy!

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