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Sign Gemini Week:  May 11 - 17
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Mercury, your life- ruler, enters your sign today. This will give you energy to spare but may also leave others choking on your dust. You'll be ready to head out for an adventure but there might be a distinct absence of the dollars to spoil the quest. This could be due, in part, to your own reckless spending earlier on. If so, own up and get it sorted. Venus, goddess of love and money, flicks a switch in your sign and starts reversing. You'll have a backwards feeling as people give you funny looks, head off or don't turn up. On the other hand, an old connection might resurrect. Walk through the stuff you have to do first up then hang with your friends until you take an identity upgrade on the weekend. Re-jig the inner Twins, checking out your public and private selves. Friday will bring some pressure and diplomacy is the only way to get through it. Are you sure you know what you want? Check it out by talking things over. There could be a little tension over money as someone's problem with the dollars becomes your problem. In the weeks ahead, you might feel a bit lost or abandoned as amorous Venus reverses the pushcart in Gemini. There'll be unfamiliar folk about or familiars gone. Is love unrequited, or just out of reach? Pine away but don't seek solace in forbidden places. Head out for an adventure as Friday comes. You'll need a new location and some new connections to keep that brain of yours on a high. Enjoy a fabulous weekend!

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