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by Suzanna Collins

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Taurus Monthly Forecast for June 2020

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Go to Top Hold On to Your Money!
The sensual Bull starts the month with the communicative Sun in Gemini, your 2nd house of personal finances, values and possessions. This is an important phase to get a tight grip on expenditure. It won't help matters with Venus retrograde dampening your mood for spending and receiving some well-earned cash. Keep your practical business sense on track this month, work to a budget and organise those outstanding bills. Expenses are likely to appear out of nowhere while you are juggling your commitments. We have a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th, followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 21st at the time of the Solstice. Next month on July 5th we have another Lunar Eclipse, so hold onto your money.

On the 5th at GMT 19:25 the Full Moon and partial penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be at 15:34 degrees of philosophical Sagittarius and will influence your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. This may flow over to the 6th in different parts of the world. For the month of June, it is known as the Strawberry Moon attributed by the Algonquin tribe to mark the harvesting time for ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon, Lotus Moon, Green Corn Moon, Windy Moon and When June Berries Are Ripe Moon. The regions experiencing at least some parts of the eclipse include much of Europe, much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

If you are hoping for better financial solutions, this may create more upsets than expected. Issues of loans, joint incomes and possessions may arise. Use due caution before you invest, go on a spending spree, or overuse your credit card. Keep within the range of meeting your obligations, avoid being hasty with speculative business deals and think twice before acting impulsively. Close relationships will also be highlighted with your deeper feelings being accentuated. If your relationship has become bogged down with control issues and battles for power, you'll have to decide whether you want it to continue over the coming months. Maybe you should discuss it with the person concerned. Other financial matters include inheritances, taxes, superannuation, benefits, and payouts. Psychic experiences may be greater, and your interests in spirituality, mysteries and life after death are likely to grow.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury the Divine Messenger is slowing to station and turn retrograde on the 18th. Situations call for you to be sympathetic or understanding of the circumstances and dilemmas of others, but Mercury is making it difficult to express yourself clearly over the next three weeks. Misunderstandings and confusion could frustrate your attempts to achieve your goals, so slow down and read the fine print very carefully. This is also a good time to notice what is not being said. Remember the importance of body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. Mercury goes direct on July 12th but remains in a shadow phase until July 26th.

Goddess Venus remains retrograde at the start in flippant Gemini your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. As mentioned last month, Venus, your life-ruler, diminishes your enthusiasm for luxuries and money. Conditions and events are likely to come forward for you to examine with finances. You'll continue to make progress improving your income level, bearing in mind the need to put your financial priorities ahead of any temptation to spend on expensive high-quality products, clothes and jewellery. Although they may provide comfort, or be desirable, they may not be the essential items that you need. During the retro phase you will be inclined to protect your income, or refinance a loan, so make sure your financial priorities are in order. You may even find yourself returning goods recently purchased because they are no longer suitable. Venus turns direct on June 25th but remains in shadow until July 29th after which time you can look forward to improvement with love matters and personal finances.

It's the Solstice on June 20th/21st, when the Sun steps out of Gemini and moves into Cancer, your 3rd house of communication. Speed up your activities; there'll be plenty to chat about on the phone, with interaction, short trips, contacting family members and study course interests coming to the fore. So tweak your mind by expressing your ideas and freshening up your language skills but note Mercury retrograde could see a few mishaps.

The 21st also sees a New Moon and annular Solar Eclipse at 6:40 GMT and will be at 00:21 degrees of Cancer your 3rd house of communication. The regions seeing at least a partial eclipse are South/East Europe, much of Asia, northern Australia, along with much of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific. The Solstice urges you to get out and about during the next few weeks. You'll feel jaded and bored if you have to spend too long in one place, or if you're always with the same people. Give yourself a treat and arrange lots of enjoyable social events. You might even go one step further and book a weekend break or a short trip. Transport and mobility issues, daily routine, dealings with neighbours and siblings are also in the frame. Watch out for misunderstandings with others and problems may occurring during extended trips overseas, travel in general, the justice system, publications, writing and studies. Circumstances may bring about conditions that are out of your immediate control.

Warrior Mars remains in compassionate Pisces, energising your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. As mentioned last month, this is a great time for action, enthusiasm and, above all, teamwork. Thanks to your drive within group activities, you can use your energy to motivate others. Try not to go it alone, but consider working in with those around you to build on targets towards future ambitions. It's important to work in harmoniously with others as a team player and avoid ego differences. Less haste and more speed as they say will help you attain your aspirations. You are likely to have that little bit extra zing with love attractions and existing relationships, although a partner's child or children could create arguments. It's a time for comradeship, learning the art of brotherhood, reviewing your future goals and dreams with friends at the helm giving you a helping hand. From the 11th to the 14th, be cautious when it comes to partying too much, drinking alcohol, and suffering fro lack of concentration. Mars moves on into Aries on the 28th, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations.

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