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Astrology and Relationships (part 4)

More on Synastry

The comparison of astrology charts can reveal much more about the range of potentials in a relationship than the comparison of Sun signs alone. A full synastry analysis assesses the crucial links between all the personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the rising sign of each chart—plus the outer planets, the deep karmic indicators of life and relationship.

Where the chart factors of one person blend well with those of another, a good rapport is assured, regardless of the nature of the relationship. Love and physical attraction is usually indicated by complementary Sun and Moon signs and the mutual interplay between a woman's Mars and a man's Venus. However, there are few hard and fast rules in synastry. It is the weighing up of all the factors which indicates the likely compatibility (or lack thereof) between two people.

There are also few hard and fast rules when it comes to relationships, because people have vastly different habits, attitudes and expectations. These may be shaped and modified by their social upbringing, education, life experience, or spiritual outlook.

Such social and cultural influences can modify an individuality, as it is depicted in the birth chart. It is possible, then, for two people who are very well suited to each other, astrologically speaking, to be incompatible for other social or cultural reasons.

Further, it is possible for people to be compatible in many ways except the physical, so the relationship doesn't get off the ground, or doesn't go beyond a platonic friendship (good for student/teacher relationships). And again, the couple may be completely enamoured with each other, but don't really like each other; the "can't live with them, can't live without them" scenario. There are many other possible variations on these themes, but you get the idea.

While our internet mail order readings will supply you with helpful information about your relationships, there are bound to be limitations. Only a skilled astrologer can properly synthesize all the factors involved. So, for those of you who want the whole picture, we also offer fully personalised readings.

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If you are experiencing serious difficulties in your relationships, reaching decisions, or making changes in critical situations, consult a competent astrologer or counsellor in your local area—or why not email or call us for a phone consultation!

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