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Astrology and Relationships (part 2)

An analysis of your own birth chart, or horoscope, will show your capacity for relationships and the basic type of lover or partner you seek. Aside from this, a full analysis of anyone's birth chart, (yours or your partner's) will outline:

Sun Glyphyour temperament and ego drives (Sun)
ASCyour self-image (Ascendant, or Rising Sign)
Moon Glyphyour outward personality, emotional expression and security needs (Moon)
Mercury Glyphyour way of communicating and mental processes (Mercury)
Venus Glyphyour likes, desires and aesthetic sense (Venus)
Mars Glyphyour sexual expression and activity level (Mars).

Your astrological birth chart also examines the effects of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), which primarily have social and generational qualities in themselves, but which can have powerful effects when in aspect (closely affecting) the inner planets in the list shown here.

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A birth chart reveals the key to self-knowledge, especially concerning our often conflicting inner drives and energies. It shows how these energies operate at the level of the psyche. The chart also describes the way we perceive and approach particular areas of life.

Astrology shows that everyone generally has different perceptions about and approaches to romantic connections on one hand and to committed partnerships on the other. These two areas of life are governed by different sectors ("houses") of the birth chart. As a result of this, they fall under the influence of different signs of the zodiac and their ruling planets.

The birth chart is a symbolic map of the personality traits that come together to make up our individuality. It shows how someone is likely to respond to others and to the world.

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