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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for April 2020

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Eight of Pentacles

Well Scorpio, you're going to have to spend a bit of your hard-earned money to bring harmony to an important relationship. Despite the coronavirus restrictions, for some of you it will be a matter of actually getting out there and earning money in the first place in order to save a relationship that is at risk. A near and dear person is getting fed up with issues around money and your attitude to it. Have you been expecting too much in the way of material support from a partner or relative? Time to turn that around.
Go to Top Career
The Tower

The career circumstances that you assumed were perfectly secure are about to crumble beneath your feet, thanks to the police state brought on by the pandemic fears. Uncomfortable and surprising as this may be for you, the sudden change will lead you toward a new beginning. You will walk away from the familiar and undertake a major change in work circumstances. This could well mean accepting an eventual move interstate or overseas. Focus on the chances for renewal this offers you rather than on what you think you've lost. That way you can turn the events of April into a win as the year progresses.
Go to Top Finance
The Chariot

This card softens any potential negatives in any spread it appears in. This is a plus considering the sudden changes in your career sector, as well as how matters of money impinge on your emotional life this month. Your financial position requires some concerted effort from you to function with integrity where finances are concerned. Being a card of movement, the Chariot underscores the likelihood that you will find yourself moving quite some distance as new opportunities unfold for you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hermit

A healthy withdrawal into meditation and contemplation will serve your spirit well right now, dear Scorpio. An analysis of the circumstances that have brought on these recent changes in your life is necessary for you to learn from them. There really is a rainbow waiting for you behind the recent clouds that have formed a shadow over your past. Be gentle with yourself in the meantime.

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