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Relationship Analysis

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Astrology & Relationships:

Relationships are what we are. How true that is...

In astrology, Synastry (relationship analysis, or chart comparison) looks at the actual links between two people via their individual horoscopes, or birth charts. Synastry is really the study of human relationships using astrology.

Astrologers use synastry to look into the secrets of all kinds of personal relationships. Romantic partnerships and attractions are very popular!

A synastry analysis shows how we are likely to behave in a relationship. It outlines our overall compatibility, describing the ways two people are likely to relate to each other (physical/sensual, emotional/feeling, mental/thinking, spiritual/soul).

Synastry analysis explains how current (or future) partners interact emotionally, mentally, sexually, and spiritually. This knowledge is so helpful in understanding the way people behave in a relationship. It helps partners be more compassionate toward each other, and adopt more realistic expectations of the relationship.

Personal Compatibility

Relationship analysis using synastry assesses personal compatibility at a number of levels. It describes two people's capacity to communicate, showing areas of interest they share. It reveals their emotional rapport. Synastry also tells us about the intensity of the physical attraction between them. Lastly, it says whether they would share and support each other's goals and spiritual ideals.

Synastry analysis, or chart comparison, is concerned with the actual links between two individual birth charts. Our analysis of your chart with the chart of your lover, spouse, friend, partner, or business associate will give you a reliable account of the range of ways (physical/sensual, emotional/feeling, mental/thinking, spiritual/soul) the two of you are likely to interact with each other. It will also show you whether the relationship is destined to succeed or fail, and gives an indication of where it is heading.

Synastry clearly shows how prospective and existing partners will interact emotionally, mentally, sexually, and spiritually. It can show you whether this person is right for you.

This knowledge can also be helpful in understanding and learning to tolerate differences in the way people behave in a relationship. In turn, this helps partners to be more compassionate toward each other, and to adopt more realistic expectations of the relationship. Relationship analysis using Synastry is the ideal way to find out what is going on in your relationship.

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NOTE: Birth details of both people are needed to construct a Relationship Analysis Chart.

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