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A round of exotic dining and good converse to go with it will be the perfect start to the week. By the midweek, you'll unravel a few of the knots that have tied you up in recent times. You'll get the art of communication straight again and stop tripping over the furniture. Venus turns tail in your house of personal finances and values, but don't let insecurity make you too possessive or stubborn. Be affectionate and steadfast.

Mars enters sociable Pisces, your 11th house. Until late June you will find the company of friends more rewarding, sharing future dreams and goals. It will be important to use the energy of Mars in a positive way through teamwork with friends, groups and organisations. Avoid aggressive behaviour and losing patience. Controlling those around you could be an issue. You might have to face falling out of favour with loved ones, so do your best to work in harmony with them. Make the most of social events, networking and meeting new people. Friday's busy! You're on the move and required at several different places at once. You can hit the ground running, especially on the weekend when you have friends around you and plenty to say and do.

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All the talk is about plans for the future, perhaps involving study, travel or the expansion of a personal horizon. The picture of the big wide world out there is changing and it will be important to keep up with the necessary info. The midweek brings a change of mood, one that'll affect the career side of things. As Venus turns retrograde you are grappling with fundamental questions and confidential financial and emotional issues. It's not easy to compromise or cooperate. Extravagance and the urge to gain status through spending will be a bugbear in coming weeks.

Mars marching into emotional Pisces on Wednesday can make you more aggressive toward others and lose patience when things become too hectic or don't proceed as planned. You may also be concerned with just what is or is not making you happy. Make an effort to spend some time with the most significant other in your life... meeting for lunch or dinner after work is a nice way to focus on each other. Give time and attention to your loved one in the weeks ahead. Romantic or social occasions may feature. Unwind with friends on the weekend, enjoying a brunch, a game or two and fresh and friendly chat on favourite topics.

Compatibility shown is a guide for long term relationships (taller=better). Signs not shown are less compatible, but sexual attractions can be formed between any of the signs.
Some of the most explosive sexual combinations can be with technically incompatible signs, say Aries & Cancer, or Aquarius & Scorpio.
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Love Compatibility

Tensions due to fundamental sun-sign incompatibilities can fuel the sexual fires, especially when other factors (Moon, Mars, Venus & Ascendant) come into play.
The best way to check your compatibility with your partner is to get your own horoscope and relationship analysis done by us!
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