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You'll have plenty to say for yourself as Tuesday's New Moon comes in Sagittarius, but you don't want to push difficult situations too hard, as the best results will come with patient effort. Mercury is still moving slowly in Sagittarius, so do the business first up then get into domestic mode and take care of chores or family matters. It's all go in the neighbourhood mid-week, when a friendly face might turn your way. Entertaining at home would be best on Thursday and Friday. With that out of the way, it's a weekend of sweet fun as you keep yourself entertained or engaged. If you're dealing with authority, don't let a slip of the tongue or an off-the-cuff remark spoil the protocol.The week kicks off with you in the public eye, so get friendly with Those Who Count. You might be surprised at who's interested in a bit of nookie behind the filing cabinet! However, it's best for the single Libran to keep the lines of communication open throughout the week. Though there's some weird and wonderful stuff going on with love or money, most of it won't make sense, so don't make errors of judgement, especially through impulse. Stick close to friends and sort whatever needs it. Take it quietly from Thursday, when you might be nursing a wounded ego. Focus on rest and recuperation, then get ready to rock 'n' roll on the weekend, thanks to the Moon moving into your sign. Hot love and hot food will do you quite a bit of good! Sunday is marked by Venus stepping out of Libra and into intense Scorpio, so you'll be spending up on your appearance and going for a good look. Taste and Style has always been your forte, so let the party begin!
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Monday turns your attention to the high cost of living, especially as it affects your values and priorities. It's so hard to keep up with the fashionable trends! Entertaining at home and family social gatherings are high on your list, as Venus favours redecorating or enhancing the physical appearance of your home. Try adding books, music, or art to improve the quality, as well as the looks of your domestic environment. Real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavours of a parent are stimulated in weeks ahead. However, the cosmic focus is on communication, what with the New Moon in your third house on Tuesday and Mercury moving slowly forward in Sagittarius. Your love might not know which way to turn as communication suffers, but either way, you'll be the focus of attention. Make the most of it. Enjoy some friendly words with the neighbours midweek, especially if there have been past disagreements. Take your foot off the pedal and all things will sort themselves in time. Enjoy the pleasures of home life later in the week, then have a dinner or hold a party on the weekend. Send the kids to their Nan's and steam up the windows of the boudoir with some whipcracking action.
Compatibility shown is a guide for long term relationships (taller=better). Signs not shown are less compatible, but sexual attractions can be formed between any of the signs.
Some of the most explosive sexual combinations can be with technically incompatible signs, say Aries & Cancer, or Aquarius & Scorpio.
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Love Compatibility

Tensions due to fundamental sun-sign incompatibilities can fuel the sexual fires, especially when other factors (Moon, Mars, Venus & Ascendant) come into play.
The best way to check your compatibility with your partner is to get your own horoscope and relationship analysis done by us!
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Libra  |   Libra Relationships  |   Libra Sexuality  |   Love  |   Weekly  |   Monthly  |   Daily  

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