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by Rob Tillett

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Leo Leo Daily October 2020
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Daily forecasts for October 2020 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopTue Oct 1: Live And Let Live
You're in the grip of intense and powerful emotions today, but try not to let them control you too much. If you do, you'll throw your weight around and try to impose your own needs. This won't make you popular and could even stir up problems between you and a certain person. Try to live and let live Leo and use your intense emotions in positive ways. Lucky colours are passionfruit and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 25 and 9.
Go to TopWed Oct 2: Efficient Leo
This is a great day for being practical and organized, in true Leo style. You want to get things done and you won't waste your time or effort in the process. As a result, you're being very efficient and businesslike, which is a great way of achieving what you've set out to do. It's also a good day for catching up with paperwork or filling in forms, because you're able to concentrate on what you're doing. Lucky colours are gold and purple. Lucky numbers are 1 and 77.
Go to TopThu Oct 3: Taking Care Of Business
It's a day for taking care of chores and other duties, without making them a real drag. You'll take pleasure in getting household tasks out of the way, especially if you can persuade someone to give you a hand. If you're at work you'll want to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere with colleagues and customers, and they'll appreciate the efforts you make. Lucky colours are smoky quartz and copper. Lucky numbers are 19 and 41.
Go to TopFri Oct 4: Creative Pressure
You may be under creative or financial pressure today; take a few deep breaths to avoid biting anyone's head off. You may be frustrated, but rest assured this too shall pass. As Mars moves to Libra, your ideas are energized and you will become very creative over the weeks ahead. Do not get impatient if others can't keep up the pace. Check the condition of your car or your business equipment and make repairs or replacements in weeks ahead. Lucky colours are aubergine and marigold. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.
Go to TopSat Oct 5: Big Ideas
You have some really big ideas today, Leo, so give them some thought. Jot them down and study them over the next few days to see if they're feasible, or simply pie in the sky. Even if some of your ideas are impractical or too ambitious to put into practice, others might be absolutely ideal for you and exactly the sort of inspired thinking you've been waiting for. Lucky colours are ginger and blue. Lucky numbers are 10 and 17.
Go to TopSun Oct 6: Fired Up
Your ambitions are fired up today, making you raring to go. You won't be happy if someone holds you back or you're interrupted and can't get on with the things you want to do. You will also lose your patience if you think someone is dragging their heels or not doing their bit to help you. However, yelling at them may not be the best solution to your problem. Try a little tact, Leo! Lucky colours are yellow and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.
Go to TopMon Oct 7: Apologize..
What you lacked in diplomacy yesterday you more than make up for today, because you're in a much more gentle and conciliatory mood. If you trod on someone's toes or bawled them out, have the grace to say sorry and to mean it. At some point you should cast an eye around your home to see if you can improve it in some way. You could come up with some great interior design ideas. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and oyster. Lucky numbers are 2 and 45.
Go to TopTue Oct 8: Harmony at Home
Harmonious relationships between family members are encouraged as Venus sweeps into Scorpio today. Real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavours of a parent are stimulated this month. Lucky colours are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.
Go to TopWed Oct 9: Lucky You
Everything should go well for you today. This doesn't mean you should take risks or not do things that are important, because then your luck could vanish. But your positive attitude will rub off on other people, making conversations easy and attracting opportunities in your direction. Lucky colours are caramel and green. Lucky numbers are 26 and 64.
Go to TopThu Oct 10: Full Of Beans
It's a great day for getting on with whatever needs to be done. You're in an energetic and enthusiastic mood, and you'll enjoy making things happen. You're especially effective if you're at work, because you'll be determined to achieve whatever you set out to do. If you're working in conjunction with someone, don't push them into the shadows while you grab all the limelight. Lucky colours are pink and coffee. Lucky numbers are 21 and 72.
Go to TopFri Oct 11: Up Your Nose
The better you know someone the more likely they are to get right up your nose today. However, you don't have to make it any more unpleasant than necessary. This means stopping yourself yelling at this person for no good reason, or dredging up old grudges that you've been allowing to fester inside you. Deal with the facts and leave it at that. Forget the past. It's over! Lucky colours are violet and peach. Lucky numbers are 8 and 51.
Go to TopSat Oct 12: Chilly Phase
There's a constrained and restrained atmosphere between you and your partner today, which is very uncomfortable. It's making you feel lonely and as though the world is against you; the planets aren't. Try not to brood on how miserable you're feeling, but instead do something constructive to cheer yourself up. This is just a chilly phase between you and you-know-who, that will soon pass. Lucky colours are kiwifruit and navy. Lucky numbers are 2 and 27.
Go to TopSun Oct 13: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon is warning you to pay attention to the truth during the coming fortnight. You'll have to sort out fibs from facts, and it won't always be easy to tell the difference. Dealings with foreigners and cultural pursuits will be difficult, but hard work and planning will stand you in good stead. You may be called on to measure up and take a responsible position. Forge ahead. Forget instant gratification. Wait for the rewards or real enjoyment to come later. Lucky colours are violet and cream. Lucky numbers are 6 and 76.
Go to TopMon Oct 14: Sexy Leo
You're looking for some emotional and sexual adventures today, and you don't want to settle for anything too humdrum or predictable. You might even be attracted to someone who isn't normally your type but who makes you see stars at the moment. Be careful if you're going shopping because you'll be tempted by impulse buys that you don't really want or need. Lucky colours are blonde and plum blossom. Lucky numbers are 26 and 27.
Go to TopTue Oct 15: Pear Shaped
This is a great day for making changes to your life, especially if you want to sort out a situation that's gone pear shaped recently or you're trying to clear up a misunderstanding. You're in a fix-it mood, whether that applies to gadgets that have gone wrong or a relationship that's hit the skids. But don't be so keen on making changes to suit yourself that you ignore other people's needs. That wouldn't be a smart move at all. Lucky colours are red ochre and violet. Lucky numbers are 39 and 15.
Go to TopWed Oct 16: Facts And Figures
You're interested in facts and figures today, Leo. You bury yourself in the papers and won't emerge until you're covered with ink and your head is brimming with information, or you could do some serious surfing on the net in the interests of research. If you're planning a journey or holiday, this is a good day for checking that you haven't overlooked any important factors. Lucky colours are green and lilac. Lucky numbers are 10 and 50.
Go to TopThu Oct 17: Good Mood
You're in a really good mood today and you want to spread it around so everyone can enjoy it. It's a great day for being with loved ones, especially if you can go out together and do something nice. How about arranging to go out for a meal or a drink? If you can't get together today, make a date for the very near future. Lucky colours are grape and ivory. Lucky numbers are 2 and 63.
Go to TopFri Oct 18: Confusion
Someone isn't thinking clearly. They're confused and as a result everyone else may be as well! Bear this in mind if you hear anything that doesn't add up, especially if it seems heavily slanted in one direction or strongly in favour of a particular way of thinking. And don't fall into the same trap yourself of being biased or getting your facts wrong! Lucky colours are chocolate and cream. Lucky numbers are 13 and 49.
Go to TopSat Oct 19: Cut Some Slack
If you're still wondering what a certain person was talking about yesterday you'll be anxious to get to the bottom of it today. But try to keep your temper while you're doing it, otherwise you'll give this person a real grilling and that may not be very helpful. You're chasing facts but you're also expecting others to be ultra logical, and that may not be possible for them. Have a heart! Lucky colours are mandarin and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 12 and 64.
Go to TopSun Oct 20: Bounce Ideas Around
This is a fantastic day for mapping out some of your future plans. You're in a straight-thinking mood and it will help to be able to bounce your ideas off someone whose opinions you respect. Talk to a friend or a kindred spirit about whatever is important to you right now. Do some serious listening when this person talks to you in return. Lucky colours are blue and tan. Lucky numbers are 18 and 34.
Go to TopMon Oct 21: Intimacy
It's a lovely day for getting together with someone you care about, especially if you're planning a romantic interlude with them. Maybe you've both got something to celebrate, in which case you'll want this to be a very memorable occasion. If you're going out on a date with a potential lover, things are likely to be very intimate and tender between you very quickly. It's quite a day! Lucky colours are champagne and pink. Lucky numbers are 23 and 49.
Go to TopTue Oct 22: Full Of Confidence
You're full of confidence today, and it shows. It's the perfect day for saying what you think with conviction, and without worrying that anyone is going to make fun of you as a result. You're prepared to stand up for what you believe in. But don't get so carried away with the sound of your own voice that you become rather pompous or self-important, because then you will make yourself a laughing stock. You'll also encourage people to bring you down a peg or two. Lucky colours are aqua and ebony. Lucky numbers are 9 and 76.
Go to TopWed Oct 23: Focus On Family
The focus switches today from your social life to your family life, and it will stay this way for the next four weeks. The coming month will be an excellent chance to spend more time with loved ones, whether you're doing something special or simply enjoying their company. You may also want to increase your physical or emotional security in some way. Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 17 and 39.
Go to TopThu Oct 24: Lucky You
Everything should go well for you today. This doesn't mean you should take risks or not do things that are important, because then your luck could vanish. But your positive attitude will rub off on other people, making conversations easy and attracting opportunities in your direction. Lucky colours are caramel and green. Lucky numbers are 26 and 64.
Go to TopFri Oct 25: Topsy Turvy
Life is slightly fraught today. If someone is in an agitated and harassed state, living on their nerves and making things rather difficult for everyone around them, try to sort it out without creating a bad vibe. If you're busy at work, do your best and ask for help if necessary. There's only so much you can accomplish on your own. Lucky colours are grapefruit and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 9 and 2.
Go to TopSat Oct 26: Appetite For Pleasure
If you feel like indulging in rich foods and sweets, try eating one or two cookies instead of devouring the whole bag! It may be very hard to keep your appetite for pleasure under control, whether you crave food, wine or sex! Lucky colours are moonlight yellow and mint green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 20.
Go to TopSun Oct 27: Lion's Pride
It's one of those days when there's a lot you want to achieve, and you're determined to get as much of it out of the way as possible. If you're at work you'll take tremendous pride in doing things properly, and also in doing them quickly. If there are financial decisions to be made, sort them out swiftly so you can carry on with the rest of the day's itinerary. Lucky colours are aubergine and silver. Lucky numbers are 20 and 43.
Go to TopMon Oct 28: New Moon
Today's New Moon will have a big impact on your home life during the next few weeks, so don't underestimate its power. This is a fabulous opportunity to make some changes to your home life, especially if you want them to be long-lasting and significant. You may not have any influence over some of these changes, such as the arrival of a new member of the family, but do your best to make them a positive experience. Lucky colours are ivory and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 5 and 8.
Go to TopTue Oct 29: Powerful Impact
Someone has a powerful impact on you today. They could change your life in some way because of the strength of your feelings for them. What you're experiencing right now are some very intense emotions, but don't let them get out of hand or become obsessive. Even so, you may realize how much someone means to you, in which case you'll want to tell them all about it. Lucky colours are burgundy and lemon. Lucky numbers are 17 and 14.
Go to TopWed Oct 30: Brainpower
You'll really enjoy using your brain. You might do this by reading some interesting books or testing out your powers of logic with some brain-mangling puzzles. Perhaps you'd rather put pen to paper and start that novel you're always talking about. This will also be a great time for chatting to children and getting to know them better. Lucky colours are rose quartz and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 26 and 7.
Go to TopThu Oct 31: Halloween
The Moon in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity gives you the energy you need for tonight's festivities. As Mercury turns retrograde today in Scorpio, it particularly affects matters connected with home and family, bringing communication problems, travel holdups and lost documents in its wake. This promises some confusion on the home front. Nevertheless this will be an exciting day, especially for those on the prowl for love. Even if you don't normally dress in costume, you may find it gives you quite a thrill tonight. Some famous Leo personalities you might consider are: Madonna, Fidel Castro, Mata Hari, May West, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lopez. Lucky colours are midnight blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
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