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Your Horoscope is all about You

Your personal horoscope, or birth chart, is a map of your personality. It is all about you. Written in plain language, which is easy to understand and gets straight to the point, your horoscope goes deep into what counts in your life. Deeper than the "Sun Sign" astrology columns you can read in the press. Order your personal birth chart now, with complete interpretation by experienced astrologers at AstroScope Me!

Astrology looks at the effects on your life of the sun, moon and other planets, as well as the rising sign. Astrologers believe everything in the world is connected at some level, including the planets, stars and other cosmic phenomena.

Go to Top Fascinating, Accurate Interpretations

Your horoscope is a symbolic map of the sky over your birthplace, at the exact time you were born. It is just as much your identity as your signature, or your fingerprints. The symbolism of your horoscope outlines incredibly accurate meanings for your life, your relationships and your future.

Everything is taken into account in drawing up and interpreting your birth chart: the positions of the planets, the Sun and Moon, the rising sign and many other important energies that affect you. No two horoscopes are exactly alike, not even for twins. Your own horoscope is as individual as your fingerprints.

Go to Top Personal Insight and Relationships

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding. Your horoscope can be a counsellor, friend and analyst all rolled into one – and for a fraction of the cost! A horoscope from AstroScope Me gives a clear analysis of the chart, in non-technical language that anyone can understand. Our astrologers want you to know exactly how the astrological interpretation of the horoscope applies to you – in your life, in your world.

You can get valuable information from a horoscope about all manner of things in your life, even if you are quite skeptical. Your horoscope is a powerful key to personal insight and your relationships. Reflecting on the meaning of your chart can help you learn more about yourself and how you relate to others. Your horoscope outlines your natural talents and inclinations, and reveals your strengths and weaknesses.

Go to Top Predicting the Future

Part of the advantage and value of having your horoscope drawn up is the insight it brings into your future potential. The horoscope reveals the tendencies and timing of major events, developments and milestones in your life. At predictable periods, life-changing circumstances come into your cosmic timeline. A horoscope shows us when these periods are due, how long they are likely to last, and how they are likely to affect you.

Go to Top Horoscopes for Fun, Entertainment and Gifts

And of course, horoscopes have great entertainment value! You'll have hours of fun with friends and lovers, discussing the way the stars shape our personalities. Many people, even skeptics, appreciate them as gifts. Horoscopes make great gifts, especially for birthdays, weddings, and the birth of children.

Horoscopes can be useful in other ways, too. Health, career, business, picking winners on the stock market (or at the races!), social and political events, even pets – you can gain a fuller understanding of just about anything through a specially drawn horoscope, calculated and interpreted just for you.

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