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Gemini Gemini Goddess November 2019

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This Goddess Wildcard Reading is Suzanna's interpretation of the Goddess cards as they relate to your Sun sign for the month. See what the cards say about the energies surrounding your sign in romance and the atmosphere in the month ahead.


Demeter — Mother Goddess

Demeter is the ancient Greek Goddess of the grain and nature cycles, a fertility Goddess who presides over the natural cycles of birth and death. She symbolizes the archetypal energy.

Demeter rules fertility, change and growth. Changes can come about as a result of a loss, and can be feared, as we cling to what we know best. Change is a natural part of life and death. If we resist, we stagnate and don't grow. What part of you needs to be reborn? What needs a new direction, attitude, quality, or change of jobs? This card also means that you may need to nurture and protect yourself should there be foreseeable changes in your life. If you are feeling down, this will pass in the natural way of events.

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