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Feminine Signs

owlFeminine Signs in astrology are signs which have traditionally been conceived as more receptive and less active, primarily focusing on the emotional/material world.

Earth and Water Signs are considered Feminine, whereas Air and Fire Signs are considered Masculine.

The feminine signs are:

Taurus | Cancer | Virgo | Scorpio | Capricorn | Pisces

Generally speaking, planets in feminine signs in your horoscope add sensitivity and emotional depth, while those in masculine signs add spirituality and activity, whether physical or mental.

Feminine Signs are nocturnal (night-oriented), so the term feminine here should be viewed in the same light as the Yin (or dark) polarity of the Tao. The idea of femininity is traditionally related to moisture and masculinity to dryness. In the tropical zodiac, the first sign, rising at the vernal equinox, is Aries, defined as masculine. The next sign in order of the zodiac is Taurus, defined as feminine. The signs thus alternate in gender around the circle of the zodiac. Bear in mind that every horoscope is a balancing act between the masculine and the feminine poles. The balance of light and dark, or Yang and Yin, or masculine and feminine is the achievement of perfection in the world.

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