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by Rob Tillett

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Cancer Cancer Daily October 2020
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Daily forecasts for October 2020 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopTue Oct 1: Tense Day
It's a tense day because you're taking everything so seriously. What's more, you're under a lot of pressure right now and it's starting to show. So what's going on? Maybe someone has very high expectations of you and they're making you feel guilty if you don't fulfil them, or perhaps you're resentful of all the chores you have to do when you'd rather be out enjoying yourself. Whatever is wrong, try not to make heavy weather of it, because that won't help. Lucky colours are opal and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 12 and 41.
Go to TopWed Oct 2: Positive Mood
You're in a much more positive mood today, so make the most of it. This is a marvellous day for doing some constructive thinking about your financial situation and also about your domestic life. Maybe the two are related, and you need to work out how much some home improvements will cost or you're contemplating a house move. Discuss your thoughts with people who will listen and give you some input. Lucky colours are red and ebony. Lucky numbers are 5 and 17.
Go to TopThu Oct 3: Compassionate Crab
As Mercury enters Scorpio, this is a wonderful day for being with people you care about. You're feeling very compassionate and kind and you want to create a good atmosphere between you and the people you love in your life. If there have been problems between you and a certain someone recently, this is the ideal day to sort them out. Be prepared to talk them through and to reach a compromise or renewed understanding of what happened. Lucky colours are cocoa and platinum. Lucky numbers are 26 and 55.
Go to TopFri Oct 4: Compassionate, but Competitive
With the Moon in your sixth house of health and service, you should be the model of compassionate care. Tending to those you are responsible for, including your pets and plants, is a pleasure today. If you have been eating junk food and putting off your exercise routine, this is the perfect day to get back on track. Mars moves into Libra for six weeks, marking a new beginning, a new business venture or achieving a physical goal. This is a time to put your plans in motion. Avoid angry domestic scenes. Lucky colours are royal blue and bright red. Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
Go to TopSat Oct 5: Domestic Bliss
It's a great day for making plans, especially if they're connected with home and family. Domestic bliss is the main theme today, so concentrate on it when you can and see the changes that happen as a result. Some big ideas are in the frame but bear in mind that not all of them may see the light of day, especially if they're very ambitious. Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 26 and 51.
Go to TopSun Oct 6: Watch Out
Someone is being impatient and rash today, and they won't like it if you try to slow them down or stand in their way. They might even lose their temper with you. Or are you the one who wants to chivvy everyone else along and who gets ratty when they fail to come up to scratch? Try not to take out your own frustrations on others when they don't deserve it. Lucky colours are opal and sienna. Lucky numbers are 7 and 62.
Go to TopMon Oct 7: Easy Going
This is a much more easy going day, and it's fabulous for getting together with some of your favourite people. In fact, you aren't keen on doing anything very strenuous right now, unless it involves being sociable or romantic. If you've been waiting for the right moment to tell someone how much you care about them, that moment has now arrived. Good luck! Lucky colours are fawn and peach. Lucky numbers are 39 and 41.
Go to TopTue Oct 8: Extra Zing!
As sweet Venus enters sexy Scorpio, remember to curb extravagance in your pursuit of pleasure. Artistic urges are stimulated and your creativity will reach a peak, so let it flow. Children will be more responsive; make time for the young ones in your life. Speculation is favoured, but consult your partner before blowing the lot! Lucky colours are crimson and pearl. Lucky numbers are 5 and 23.
Go to TopWed Oct 9: Pottering
Give yourself a break today, preferably by relaxing and not doing very much. Whether you potter around at home or visit a favourite place, you won't feel like doing anything very ambitious. If you're entertaining, make sure that everyone has a good time and the food is as delicious as you can make it. Lucky colours are sage and gold. Lucky numbers are 23 and 15.
Go to TopThu Oct 10: Mix Master
It's a day for mixing with some of your favourite people, preferably face to face so you can get the maximum enjoyment from their company. But if that isn't possible for some reason, perhaps because they're busy or far away, do the next best thing and get in touch with them by phone or over the internet. If you haven't told someone that you love them lately, do it now while you're feeling so expressive and affectionate. Lucky colours are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 25 and 62.
Go to TopFri Oct 11: Not Happy?
You aren't happy with the way someone is managing their finances, and you've reached the stage where you have to say something. Okay, have your say, but don't spoil the impact of your words by going on and on, or by interfering in matters that are none of your business. There could also be problems about someone's possessiveness. Let's hope it isn't yours! Lucky colours are lemon and blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 70.
Go to TopSat Oct 12: Nitpicking
Someone's in a nitpicking, cranky mood today and don't you know it! It's the sort of mood where they argue the toss over anything or find a way of twisting your words. Try not to get involved in a slanging match unless you really can't help yourself. Or maybe you're the one who's behaving like a bear with a sore head, in which case you must sort out what's wrong and calm down. Lucky colours are silver and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 31 and 21.
Go to TopSun Oct 13: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon is shedding light on your long-term ambitions and goals. How are they progressing? If a plan has lost its impetus, maybe you need to decide whether to revive it or whether to forget about it and concentrate on something else instead. It's a waste of time pursuing something if it's dead in the water or you don't care about it any longer. Lucky colours are crimson and ivory. Lucky numbers are 27 and 42.
Go to TopMon Oct 14: Surprise!
Even if you think you know what type of person you like and find attractive, life could take you by surprise today. As a result, you could be smitten by someone who isn't your usual type at all. You may not even like this person, yet they still give you thrills every time you look at them or talk to them. What's going on? Will this attraction last? Only time will tell, but you'll have fun in the meantime. Lucky colours are chocolate and pink. Lucky numbers are 4 and 11.
Go to TopTue Oct 15: Worries, Worries
Worries are never far away today, and they're ready to strike regarding financial and emotional matters. You may receive a depressing bank statement or credit card bill in the post, or you realize you're less well off than you thought. Alternatively you might be concerned about a loved one's welfare. Try not to brood on things you can't change, or imagine the situation is worse than it really is. Lucky colours are cream and sable. Lucky numbers are 24 and 55.
Go to TopWed Oct 16: Chatty And Chummy
You're keen to get on well with whoever happens to be around today, and you'll be very successful at it. If you're at work you'll be chatty and chummy with workmates and customers, and will do your best to put them at their ease. It will help if you can find something in common with them, because that will be a bond between you. Lucky colours are sable and toffee. Lucky numbers are 11 and 27.
Go to TopThu Oct 17: Reorganize Your Space
It's a good day for getting things done, such as working your way through a stack of paperwork or doing some filing. You're in an efficient and practical mood, and you'll enjoy doing things to the best of your ability. If you work from home, this is a great opportunity to improve your surroundings in some way, perhaps by reorganizing your desk or simply having a good old tidy-up. Lucky colours are treacle and white quartz. Lucky numbers are 7 and 4.
Go to TopFri Oct 18: Double Check
Your mind is all over the place today, making it difficult to keep track of your thoughts. You struggle to remember things or concentrate on what you're doing. Be careful when handling financial matters because you could get into a muddle or add things up wrongly, so double check everything you do. It will be a hassle to have to sort things out later on. Lucky colours are aubergine and gold. Lucky numbers are 39 and 22.
Go to TopSat Oct 19: Infectious
A friend is full of enthusiasm today, and it's very infectious. They want to persuade you to do something and they're giving it the hard sell. But don't let yourself be bullied into saying yes. On the other hand, you may be the one who's trying to talk a friend into following your lead, in which case you'll feel irritated if they don't play ball. But why should they? Lucky colours are pink and plum. Lucky numbers are 13 and 76.
Go to TopSun Oct 20: Back On Track
You were having problems with financial matters, but you're definitely back on track today. As a result you'll be able to unravel any problems you had the other day and put them right. It's also a good day for checking through your bank statements or chasing up outstanding financial queries. You're in the mood to get things straight. Lucky colours are black and white. Lucky numbers are 35 and 15.
Go to TopMon Oct 21: Compassionate Crabs
You're in a very understanding and compassionate mood today, especially when it comes to listening to someone's troubles. You'll gladly let them tell you what's wrong, and will do your best to give them all the emotional support you think is suitable. If you're at work, a colleague could do with a helping hand. You've got a soft spot for a certain someone right now, and it shows! Lucky colours are grapefruit and jade. Lucky numbers are 17 and 9.
Go to TopTue Oct 22: Expansive Mood
You're in a very expansive mood today, making you want to experience whatever life has to give. Things are going well for you, and you're feeling confident. That's great, and you're full of optimism about your home life and your family. Be careful if you're currently involved in a property deal or home improvement plan because you're so confident of success that you could overlook a rather serious snag. Lucky colours are coffee and cream. Lucky numbers are 36 and 18.
Go to TopWed Oct 23: Laughter And Love
The coming four weeks will be full of laughter, happiness and love, so you've plenty to look forward to. If your social life has been languishing on the sidelines recently, this is your chance to give it an injection of energy. You're all set to have a really good time! It will also be a wonderful opportunity to explore your creativity. Lucky colours are tangerine and blue. Lucky numbers are 19 and 37.
Go to TopThu Oct 24: Pottering
Give yourself a break today, preferably by relaxing and not doing very much. Whether you potter around at home or visit a favourite place, you won't feel like doing anything very ambitious. If you're entertaining, make sure that everyone has a good time and the food is as delicious as you can make it. Lucky colours are sage and gold. Lucky numbers are 23 and 15.
Go to TopFri Oct 25: Strained Atmosphere
It's a tricky day, so take care. There's a strained atmosphere between you and loved ones, putting you on the defensive and making you tense. The results are inevitable - you'll end up having a row with someone. Maybe you need to do this, so you can clear the air and find out where you both stand. But don't drag in ancient grudges that have nothing to do with the current circumstances. Lucky colours are butterscotch and green. Lucky numbers are 31 and 51.
Go to TopSat Oct 26: Level One Activity
Clear your mind of dreams and fancies and get busy. You may appreciate this opportunity to simply serve and work where you are needed... many of you have had too much time to think lately. Chores that involve very little skill will be therapeutic. You might even have a chat with god or your own personal goddess while scrubbing out the shower. Lucky colours are navy blue and pure white. Lucky numbers are 15 and 23.
Go to TopSun Oct 27: Energy And Enthusiasm
You have plenty of energy and enthusiasm today, especially when it comes to thinking about your plans for the future. You're determined to give them your best shot and are eager to get started. Friends today will be great company and you'll feel energized for having been with them. Cram as much into every moment as possible, dear Cancer. Lucky colours are green and bronze. Lucky numbers are 17 and 67.
Go to TopMon Oct 28: New Moon
You need cheering up after the difficulties of the past few days. Today's New Moon promises to bring you plenty of happiness and joy throughout the next two weeks. There could be a celebration on the cards, even if you don't yet know anything about it, or you might have a wonderful encounter with a very special person. As if all that weren't enough, you might also hear exciting news of a love affair or baby. Lucky colours are lime and lemon. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6.
Go to TopTue Oct 29: Don't Underestimate
Think about your health and your daily routine today. Are they okay, or do you need to make some changes to them? It's time to take action; do so now while you're in the right frame of mind. Someone you see on a regular basis will have a major impact on you today, and may even transform your feelings in some way. Don't underestimate the power they have over you. Lucky colours are black and white. Lucky numbers are 7 and 1.
Go to TopWed Oct 30: Humdrum?
Introduce a little excitement into your life today, especially if it's been rather humdrum recently. If your days always follow the same pattern, today you're ready to do something completely different, yet without disrupting other people's arrangements in the process. How about visiting somewhere you've never been to before? You're in the mood to explore and take a few modest risks. Lucky colours are khaki and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 18 and 50.
Go to TopThu Oct 31: Halloween
Mercury begins the backwards tango in your fifth house of romance for the next three weeks, urging you to keep your mind on what you are doing, especially that you get the dates and names right! Pay more attention to your children and get in touch with your own inner child. While typically a time of frustration, Mercury Retrograde periods can also be opportunities to reflect and analyze current situations. Take a deep breath and use this to your advantage! Those of you who plan to dress up in costume on this Halloween might consider these famous Cancer personalities: Julius Caesar, King Henry the Eighth, Cindy Lauper, Ariana Grande. Lucky colours are ruby red and ivory. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
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