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2014: Chinese Year of the Wood Horse
The Year for Running with Your Passion

Chinese Year of the Horse

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Welcome to the Chinese New Year for 2014. The Chinese New Year began January on Friday 31st on the Aquarian New Moon - as this new Moon is the beginning of the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is a spring festival (in Northern Hemisphere) that always begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice, with the Sun and Moon usually in Aquarius. This New Year begins another new zodiac animal cycle, the year of the galloping and exciting woody Horse. Chinese tradition employs both Solar and Lunar calendars and for the Solar calendar the year begins 4th February, but the New Moon day of 31st January begins all the major cultural Lunar New Year celebrations.

2013 was Year of the Water Snake and what a full-on year of extremes! We had water clashing with Fire in the year's elements. Now in the cycle of the twelve comes the most interesting and moving but most striking of all the animals of the zodiac, the proud and fast-moving Horse. The Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastinating will bring success. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. If you are not 100 percent secure about a decision, then don't do it. Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don't want to head off galloping in the wrong direction.

This new Moon also starts on the month of the Yang Fire Tiger making energy very strong and lively as a Horse year begins, a clear departure from the slower energy of the previous Water Snake year 2013.

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Go to Top The Horse Qualities and Its Mythology

The Horse, the Chinese say, is one of the great animals of the planet. In Chinese astrology, a Horse year is considered a fortunate year that brings luck and many good results. They consider the horse magical with its supernatural powers - it's heroic, strong, and can even fly! A white celestial cloud horse is sacred to the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin. Her white Horse flies through the heavens, bringing peace and blessings. The Horse is a hero in China because important battles were won due to the power and strength of the horse in many of the conflicts in Chinese history. The Horse can also come in another colour, the black Horse, the mysterious steed that rides in the dead of night carrying the cloaked and hooded rider to destinations unknown. In the 'Lord of the Rings' the black riders, the Nazgūl, also called the Ringwraiths of Sauron, look for the hobbits on their black steeds. And the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride to bring an end to the world of men as summoned by the gods to end it all.

The Horse is also the symbol of the spirit of corn and is a symbol or regeneration. He travels across the winter country side with the newly-to-be-sown seed, which the horse transports and protects to replenish the land in the springtime. Some early Celtic rites are connected with the white horse. In the older fire ceremony of St John, the people all leap over the fire as it dies down to embers and then a large wooden horse covered with white cloth (hiding a man who moves it) appears at the fire. He is greeted with cries of "the white horse, the white horse!" and then he jumps over the fire and pursues the spectators. It's a symbol of new life in livestock and the wheat seeds to plant for the new season. Studies have assessed the horse's intelligence in areas such as problem-solving, speed of learning, and memory. Horses excel at simple learning, but also are able to use more advanced mental abilities that involve concept learning.

The horse is also key to the advancement of many cultures in the history of the last 2000 years. Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC. The cultures that used horses and stand out are the Mongolians who conquered parts of China with the horse; Alexander the Great who moved across Asia conquering middle Asia; and the plains Indians of North America who used the horse extensively for living and travel. Then came the pioneers and cowboys of the Wild West, who took over where the plains Indians had once dominated. And there is the US Cavalry whose charge, accompanied by bugle calls, is famous in movie westerns.

Other horse events: the Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British light cavalry, led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 in the Crimean War. Due to miscommunications, the Light Brigade was sent into a frontal assault against a well-prepared artillery battery, suffering extremely high casualties. The event was remembered in the English poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

The Horse Whisperer is a 1995 novel by Nicholas Evans. The book was his first novel and became the 10th best selling novel in the USA in 1995, selling over 15 million copies. Dan 'Buck' Brannaman (Jan 29, 1962), who Evans said was his inspiration for the book, is a horseman and a leading practitioner in natural horsemanship. His philosophy is about working with horses based on their nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept humans and work confidently with them. 'Buck' Brannaman was born on a Fire Wood day (Yin Fire Rabbit) in a Horse month in a Tiger (Yang Wood) year. Nicholas Evans was also born in a Tiger (Wood) year.

Go to Top Falling in Love with a Horse

The ideal partner for a Horse is one who is able to keep up with his or her passion and able to bring new and varied interests into their lives. Otherwise the Horse person tires too quickly of a life and a partner that does the same old thing every day. They are often in love with themselves and will fall in love at the drop of a hat. The Horse can be subject to immediate infatuations and can fall in love at first sight, even at a look, a glance or a smile. Then he will do anything to win his love. Because of his active life he needs a passionate partner to return his or her passion. Even for the sake of the Horse will turn around his whole life, give up a job and and go off without hesitation to a new life Then he or she may do the same thing all over again 12 months later.

Routines will bother the Horse, so make sure that if you fall for a Horse person, everyday routines are not part of your life. The best years for Horse people to marry and expect abundance, or have a child are in the Horse, Tiger, Sheep, and Dog years. The difficult Rat year is the least fortunate for a Horse.

Go to Top Celebrity Horses

Famous people born in the Year of the Horse:

  • Scientists:  Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur.
  • Politicians and Campaigners: Nikita Kruschev, Vladimir Lenin, Abdul Nasser, Franklin D Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Anwar Sadat, Joe Biden (US Vice-Pres), Condoleezza Rice, Boris Yeltsin, Brezhnev, Dick Cheney, Angela Merkel, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkish Pres.), Muammar Qaddafi, Francois Hollande.
  • Entertainers and Film Celebrities:  Ingmar Bergman, John Houston, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Ang Lee, Halley Berry, Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta, Kathleen Turner, Robert Wagner, Rita Hayworth, Vincente Fox, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Rene Russo, Sean Connery, William Baldwin, Tea Leoni, Michelle Rodriguez, Ted Williams, James Dean, Dennis Quaid, Jacky Chan, Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Musicians: Frederic Chopin, Giacomo Puccini, Antonio Vivaldi, Bob Geldof, Elvis Costello, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rolf Harris, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson.
  • Writers and Artists: Samuel Beckett, Edgar Degas, Eugene Delacroix, Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jean Renoir, and Virginia Woolf.
  • Cowboys and Frontiersmen:  Buffalo Bill, Davy Crockett, The Lone Ranger.
Go to Top What is the Horse Year all about? Those Elements of the Year

The year is always made up of two parts: the Chinese animal sign and the year element. The Year of the Horse is symbolised by two elements, with Wood sitting on top of Fire. According to the Five Elements cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the interrelationship between the elements, Wood is the mother of Fire and gives birth to Fire, so they are in a positive cycle and have a supportive relationship. The Chinese character for Yang Wood is written with a strong downward stroke. It's a symbol of the tree trunk, and it also carries the meaning of penetration into the Earth.

Interestingly, previous experience shows Yang Wood years may have more incidents of meteorite strikes. In 1994, year of the Yang Wood Dog, the Comet Shoemaker-Levy spectacularly hit Jupiter. In 1954, a 4 kilo meteorite fell onto a house in Alabama. The Horse is of the Fire element, and in Chinese metaphysics is powerful energy. 2014 is an energetic year particularly related to business, air travel, sports, exercise, entertainment and restaurants. Fire is optimism and this will continue to drive up the economy and the stock market.

The Horse is a powerful Fire element and clashes with the Rat, which is a powerful Water element. When clashes between Fire and Water occur they trigger big fire and water disasters. Fire is blood and Water is liquid, so there will serious casualties with bloodshed in 2014. Fire is regarded as an ascending element and the year will bring action in the airline business, air travel, and space exploration. We'll see the first private space vehicles launched in 2014 . It will be a busy travel year for many people and there will be accidents, especially related to air and sea. Fire rules nuclear energy, so there will be continuous issues around nuclear weapons and energy such as North Korea and Iran.

The Chinese calendar operates on a 60 year cycle. This means that we had the year of the Yang Wood Horse in 1954 and in 1894. Both years were famous for the fierce battles of the Indochina war (1954), and the Sino-Japanese war (1894). In these previous Wood Horse years 1894 and 1954, there were many innovations bringing some lifestyle advancements. Coca Cola began marketing in bottles in 1894, and the ICC (International Olympic Committee) was founded the same year. The US Flagstaff Observatory (Arizona) where planet Pluto was eventually discovered was built that year. Authors Aldous Huxley, J B Priestly and James Thurber were all born then. Nikita Krushchev and Harold Macmillan were also born in 1894.

In 1954, the first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus, was launched in the USA; the first colour TV set was manufactured by RCA; Texas Instruments produced the first commercial transistor radio; the first Atomic power station in the world opened near Moscow in June 1954, and the maiden flight of a Boeing 707 took place in July 1954. The US Supreme Court ruled that year that segregation by colour in public schools was a violation of the 14th Amendment.

The music of Fire energy element came into being as Rock and Roll became popular in 1954 with release of Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets. Films of the time which are now classics were La Stada (Fellini), On The Waterfront (made by Kazan, starring Marlon Brando), Rear Window (Hitchcock), and The Seven Samuri (Kurasawa). And Roger Bannister ran the first under 4 minute mile at 3 mins 59.4 secs. Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception was published, as was John Patrick's The Teahouse of the August Moon, Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood and JRR Tolkien's classic The Lord of the Rings.

Go to Top What's Your Health Issue In 2014?

The five basic Chinese elements represent different parts of the body - Wood relates to the liver, and the head and hair. Health problems related to Wood could be liver and anger problems. Fire element is related to the heart and blood circulation. The strong Fire will trigger heart and blood diseases as well as inflammation problems. Also as Fire attacks Metal, then too a strong Fire damages the Metal organs, such as the lungs and skin. In a strong Fire year Wood will be too dry and unhealthy, so there are likely problems with eyes related to the liver, hair loss and headaches. The Horse year also creates poor air quality and this helps viruses and flu epidemics to spread.

As the Horse is powerful Fire, it will bring problems with blood circulation and other inflammations. Also the Horse in clashing with the Rat (Water) will weaken the immune system bringing more chances of illness related to virus attacks. So for people who have issues with blood circulation and the heart, and people who have weak kidneys, its advisable to take health supplements like Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to prevent blockages of the arteries, and cool down excessive Fire in the body. 

Go to Top Which Way The Economy?

On the economy, the Fire element is a driving force behind the stock market.  Each of the Five Elements effects people's moods. Fire is joy and sadness, Water is fear and sympathy, Earth is mediation and nurturance/guilt, Metal is grief and sociability, and Wood is anger and kindness. With Wood and Fire powerful this year there'll be much activity in the world's charities, as we notice the plight of others around the world. Some Western governments will be pushed to increase foreign aid.

2014 is an energetic Fire year and is much related to money businesses, air travel, sports, exercise, the entertainment industry, and food and restaurants. Fire is optimism, which will continue to drive up the economy and the stock market. There will be genuine substantial improvement in economies, as investors regain confidence supported by the Fire Horse. Metal industries also benefit the next best, which are hi-tech, banking, machinery, cars, and engineering. The Wood industry is also positive, so it will be an active year for Wood element industries such as textiles, clothing, magazines, paper manufacture, book publishing and the environment industry. Positive Fire energy will continue into 2015 and 2016.

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Yin Yang Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. He has been involved in astrology for more than two decades and writes for several Australian magazines. He is also the director of the Earth Healing School of Queensland, running practitioner courses in Earth Healing and Geomancy. Click to contact Richard Giles.

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