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Sign Virgo Week:  March 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Virgoan finances are in the picture this week. Up to the 21st, good news is in the wind. Your mood will be light-hearted and it will be easier to express your feelings to loved ones.

On the eve of the Equinox the Sun enter fiery Aries, your 8th solar house. During the next few weeks you will start reassessing your finances and using strategies to clear debts. You will zoom in on joint incomes and benefits, investments, legacies, and money owed and owing. The Cosmos is casting conditions your way to help you overcome obligations. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in your 8th house, deeper love connections are also on the horizon. From the 22nd to the 30th, avoid financial speculations, and curb any desire to spend up big.

Mercury your life ruler turns retrograde in your 8th house on the 23rd. Financial applications, approvals and receipt of money that is due to you is likely to meet with a few snags. Extra documentation may be needed, or funding could be slower. Keep an accurate record of bank statements, credit card details, loans and tax record receipts. Business partnership ventures could do with further investigating before any decisions are made. Check that all information you receive or send away is concise and the fine print on documents has been read and understood. The Cosmic Trickster will return to direct motion through the zodiac on April 15th and be out of the shadow phase by May 3rd.

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