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Sign Virgo Week:  September 18 - 24
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Meticulous Virgo will have the urge to do something different that is emotionally satisfying, and you will find excitement in unusual ways. It is an important week for Virgo, as the 20th brings your personal New Moon, and lovely Venus also enters your sign. You will certainly be ready for a total rejuvenation and will bring a powerhouse of activities. You should feel your vitality rising from the 18th. However, Mercury could interfere with your thoughts, due to nebulous Neptune opposing from your 7th house of serious relationships from the 19th to the 21st. Avoid making decisions as circumstances and thoughtless people could bring deception or stimulate delusion on your part. Be thorough with information and facts; read through all documentation carefully. Make sure you understand what you are reading, as confusion and cloudy thinking are there. Whether it is self-development you are after, or just thoughts about your future plans and needs, this New Moon will also call for adjustment to finances and joint resources with other people. In coming weeks you will be faced with certain obstructions and responsibilities on the home front, thanks to Saturn, although dark Pluto will assist in furthering your creative pursuits, love relationships, recreation and entertainment.

From the 21st to October 7th, overconfident Jupiter will be in opposition to disruptive Uranus, picking up scenarios from early last March and changing your financial picture one way or the other. On the 22nd at the Equinox, the Sun beams into stylish Libra, your 2nd solar house. Your area of money will be highlighted over the coming weeks. It's time to take account of your material assets, your lifestyle, personal status and values. What are your budgetary plans for the next twelve months? Make an honest assessment of your priorities, expenditure and ability to meet your financial commitments. From the 22nd to the 23rd, your mind will be probing and you'll have the ability to unravel the most complicated games and information. Do some detective work, or get back to a project that you've left in the too-hard basket. From the 23rd to the 26th, you may have a few misgivings, feel betrayed or find things confusing within relationships. Try to be honest with yourself and see through misunderstandings. Take the time to go through legal issues and the fine print in important documents.

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