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Sign Taurus Week:  January 15 - 21
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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There will be plenty of activity this week for the Bulls, juggling travel, thoughts on studies, law matters, holidays and emotional highs and lows. Up to the 16th, you need to curb your impatience in relationships and find the source of your irritability. Plans could take an unexpected twist. The 17th sees the New Moon in steady Capricorn, your 9th solar house. This lunation sees a parade of planets known as a stellium bringing opportunities that may have surprising outcomes. Over the next two weeks your life will take on a new direction with intellectual research, travel, and the law. Set about meeting your business obligations and follow up any serious study or teaching. You may have to rearrange your timetable, much to your dislike, and also work towards resolving litigation and legal issues that could arise at this time.

On the 18th, Venus dances into zany Aquarius, your 10th solar house. Make the most of the next three weeks to raise your popularity with people in the know, your employer and authority figures. You will attract recognition, success and a vote of confidence within your professional circle. It's the ideal time for building a rapport with clients, business associates and customers by extending your hospitality. This is a favourable phase for entertainment, enlivening relationships and promoting your public image. Why not attract others by using your artistic and creative skills in your career?

Then on the 20th, the Sun moves Aquarius. Over the next four weeks, you will enjoy the limelight, gaining popularity and public recognition. It's a great time to get the nod of approval from your employer. Meanwhile brush up on your professional and business skills, refresh your long-range plans and set goals for the next twelve months.

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