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Sign Scorpio Week:  March 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Scorpio is in the midst of wellbeing shifts and job changes. You will be in a great frame of mind from the 19th to the 21st, which will make it easier to convey your ideas and there may be some fabulous news too. Meanwhile build on your work relationships and make time for yourself.

The 20th sees the Sun move into energetic Aries, your 6th solar house at the Equinox. Up until mid-May, thanks to the contingency of planets in your 6th house with Mercury going retrograde on the 23rd, much of your time will be spent impressing everyone with your efficiency, not to mention your creative and organizational capabilities. From the 22nd to the 30th, watch for verbal battles with the boss, work pressure and demands. Alternatively, there's the possibility of an unexpected love attraction in the workplace.

On the 23rd, Mercury turns retrograde in your 6th house, which is the time to fine-tune any misunderstandings. You may have to backtrack over jobs that have not been completed effectively, messages could go astray, and there may be photocopier and scanner problems just to mention a few. Your usual routine could be disrupted, creating delays in the work you want to accomplish. However, you could find yourself sorting through paperwork, tidying up and reorganizing the office or information that has been neglected. Mercury will return to direct motion on April 15th, and be out of the shadow phase by May 3rd.

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