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Sign Sagittarius Week:  June 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Archers will be suffering from itchy feet looking for fun, adventure and romance at the start before moving on to work relationships, routine and health matters. Up to the 20th, serious talks may emerge so you'll need to think twice before jamming on the brakes and feeling the worse for wear. You may not feel up to sorting out the nitty gritty in agreements.

It's the Solstice on the 21st, when the bright Sun moves into intuitive Cancer, your 8th solar house. Mercury also speeds into your 9th house on the 21st, joining Mars in energizing your financial sector. If you're a typical Archer, you aren't always happy about investigating your deepest emotions for fear of what you might find, but that's exactly what the planets have lined up for you during the next four weeks. Be prepared to explore the more needy and complex side of your personality, and if necessary give yourself some self-analysis. It will be an enlightening experience. It is also the time when your mind will be fixed on finances. From the 23rd to the 27th, benefits and good fortune could come to you from the assistance of friends, people of importance, groups and societies.

There's a New Moon in Cancer on the 24th and over the coming two weeks you will start a new regime controlling finances, which includes joint resources, investments, taxes and benefits. It will be a good time to review your debts, those dreaded credit cards, loans, rent, mortgage repayments and insurances. If there is money owing to you, chase it up. Thanks to Mercury in your 8th, you'll be super-efficient in getting ideas together and homing in necessary analytical work, bank statements, fees and taxes. Family business income could also be in the frame along with other sources of money. New Moons are always periods of new beginnings, so you could be about to embark on a fresh phase in an intimate relationship, how you relate and express your feelings. Security will be important to you and the comfort that it brings. Use your intuition to guide you.

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