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Sign Pisces Week:  January 15 - 21
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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It will be an eventful time this week, especially with friends, as you enjoy socialising and activity behind the scenes. Up to the 16th, be careful not to be wasteful with money, by spending up big or taking unnecessary risks, including gambling. The 17th sees a powerful New Moon in loyal Capricorn, your 11th solar house. It will stimulate a stellium of planets assembled in Capricorn, taking you to a new level in the process of achieving your dreams. You will also be inclined to take control in romantic attachments, notably involving a partner who may have children by a previous match. This is the time for romantic attractions, long friendships and separations. It may also see the beginning of a secret affair (perhaps with a friend) for those among you who are inclined to hovering behind the scenes.

On the 18th, winsome Venus steps into Aquarius, your 12th solar house. The power of the Goddess reaches out to your sympathetic side. You have been loving your space in secluded areas, where you are less likely to expose your feelings about someone or risk exposing a secret love affair. Past memories of a relationship may resurface to pull on your heart-strings, or call for a rendezvous. This is followed by the Sun stepping into Aquarius on the 20th.
It's been a hectic period, but now it's time to reflect, do a bit of soul journeying, and recharge your inner batteries. In between bouts of feverish passion, put aside some time to rest. Have you hidden talents and abilities that have been pushed to one side? Fears from past experiences may be holding you back in your current path. Analyse your emotional responses to situations, and remedy them by strengthening your inner values.

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