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Sign Libra Week:  March 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Librans will have plenty to say and do within relationships this week. Up to 21st may be the time to tie the knot. You may also receive good tidings to do with a legal case, or decide to make a special commitment.

The 20th sees the Sun enter amorous Aries, your 7th solar house at the Equinox. Up until May, thanks to Mercury retrograde in your 7th house, your focus will be on examining partnerships, relationships, marriage, business alliances, contracts, and legalities. Take a closer view of the role you play, and whether you and your mate are receiving as much as you give in satisfying each other's needs. New relationships are on the horizon, as well as resolutions in agreements and long-term obligations. From the 22nd to the 30th, there will be plenty to do and say, but your energy, state of affairs at home, responsibilities and commitments will take a hammering.

On the 23rd, Mercury turns retrograde in your 7th house as agreements and decisions reach a stalemate. Is there something that you have missed in translation? Perhaps an important document has gone astray, and a court or pending legal matter has been delayed. This can apply to litigation within relationships, partnerships, marriages, business partnerships, real estate or with open opponents. Negotiations are likely to wind down. Divorce proceedings may take longer or contracts require added input, thanks to delayed departmental paperwork. Read through the finer points of documents and get proper professional advice so that you fully understand your obligations. Make sure all agreements are understood, including verbal ones, so that there are no comebacks at a later date. Mercury will return to direct motion on April 15th and be out of the shadow phase by May 3rd.

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