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Sign Leo Week:  March 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Lions will enjoy a sea change, but should make haste while the Sun shines. Up to the 21st is one of those times to take a leisurely tour or go sightseeing. You'll enjoy other people's company and discussions. The 20th sees the Sun enter pioneering Aries, your 9th solar house at the Equinox, so over the next few weeks you will be making arrangements for travel plans, venturing outside the norm and exploring areas of knowledge, adventure and personal growth. Perhaps you have a holiday in mind, going overseas and experiencing new dimensions. It will be a tantalising time with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in the melting pot.

From the 22nd to the 30th, your energy level and attitude to others could lead to unnecessary arguments especially in the work place. Take care of your health and don't overdo it with too much physical activity. However, your mind will search for interesting and unusual things to do, including learning about the sciences and embarking on a new study.

Strategies in place are likely to be delayed as Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd. Anticipate periods of delay in travel plans, education, overseas connections, and legal matters. Make sure your bookings and accommodation requirements are correct. Remember to check foreign exchange so you are not left short. Double-check all details, dates, bookings, including time tables, and possible changes to your study course. Mercury will return to direct motion through the zodiac on April 15th, coming out of the shadow phase on May 3rd.

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