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Sign Leo Week:  January 15 - 21
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Dear Lions, this week will revolve around your health, work, routine and relationships. Up to the 16th, however, expect interruptions to your routine, and problems with overseas connections, publications and marketing. The 17th sees the New Moon in Capricorn, your 6th solar house. This will be a potent lunation homing in on a stellium of planets flocking in Capricorn. It will initiate a new course with your diet, health, hygiene and exercise regime. Some Lions may start a new job, perhaps working from home. Efficiency and public relations are key. Get your ideas off the ground, express your thoughts, and look at ways of improving not only your general routine but also the way you handle responsibility. The pressure will be on for you to perform, thanks to Saturn. Nervous tension could invade your wellbeing under this heavy transit.

On the 18th, Venus dances into unconventional Aquarius, your 7th solar house. This begins a fabulous phase in which to bring love and harmony into relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Eligible Lions may start a new commitment, decide to become engaged, get married or strengthen existing love bonds. You'll reach friendly compromises, settle differences with open enemies and increase good public relations. Now is the time to show cooperation with your partner, so review your joint goals and personal needs without placing heavy demands on each other's individuality and freedom. Then on the 20th, the Sun, your planetary ruler, moves into Aquarius. Over the coming four weeks you will place more importance on partnerships, relationships, business alliances, marriage and making those long-term commitments. Legal agreements, settling legal matters and contracts are also under the microscope, but with Venus entering your 7th house on the 18th, harmony and cooperation will be easier to achieve.

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