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Sign Gemini Week:  November 20 - 26
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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The eager Twins should be enjoying the work scene, and working through important relationship issues, agreements and legal dealings. Up to the 22nd, you'll be feeling sexier than usual, drawing on your passions within close relationships. Overindulgence is in the air! On the 22nd, the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into venturesome Sagittarius, your 7th solar house of significant commitments. During the coming weeks, your focus will turn to love commitments and relationships, equality in marriage, business partnerships, legal agreements, and settling differences with opponents. Assess the function and interaction of your partnership, common goals, interests. Set about inducing harmony in the process. At the end of the week, it might be time to travel and connect with people from the past. From the 25th into December, legal consultations, agreements and contracts may not be resolved as quickly as expected due to Mercury going retrograde from December 3rd.

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