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Sign Gemini Week:  January 15 - 21
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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It will be time to concentrate on finances, travel, transport, education and intellectual this week. Up to the 16th, you'll have itchy feet and need to do something different, so contact female friends. You may find a romance not living up to your standards. The 17th sees the New Moon in sturdy Capricorn, your 8th solar house. This lunation triggers a group of planets transiting Capricorn known as a stellium. It will revolve around initiating a new course of action with your financial concerns. Discussions and negotiations will be in place, analysing jointly-held finances, loan applications, business deals and investments. Pay out a few debts or consolidate where you can. There's a possibility of taking on a new mortgage or loan, remembering this will restrict your expenditure. Avoid spending more than you can afford.

On the 18th, Venus dances into amiable Aquarius, your 9th solar house. Why not take that holiday break, and enjoy being a tourist? Mix leisure with pleasure. A love attraction to someone of a different nationality or culture may stir your emotions. Why not visit loved ones, taste exotic dishes, and see the sights along the way. You might be keen on creative writing, or publish a story. Indulge in art and fashion of the ages through study, or collect interesting pieces of information.

Then on the 20th the Sun also moves into Aquarius, so the next four weeks could bring the prospect of a holiday, travel, or just enjoying the outdoors with a touch of relaxation. Places of artistic culture, art galleries, scenic tours, journalism, marketing and publications are in the frame.

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