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Sign Gemini Week:  September 18 - 24
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Chatty Twins start the week managing time with friends and groups. You'll enjoy going to an outing, and should accept an unexpected invitation. Romantic attractions are also in the air. On the 20th the New Moon arrives in tidy Virgo, your 4th solar house, just as Mercury speeds out of its retro shadow phase, allowing you to be more decisive about your ideas. These by now would have changed from initial plans. Venus also dances into your 4th house urging you to be the peacemaker in troubled family relationships, real estate negotiations and property agreements. This is an ideal time to start afresh with redecorating, beautifying the home and adding harmony. Try to find a balance between your home duties, career and outside demands. Entertaining family members and close friends will be a must over the next few weeks.

However, events back in early March could resurface as giant Jupiter and disruptive Uranus oppose one another once more. Review your job, health and subconscious fears, as changing conditions are in the stars. On the 22nd at the Equinox, the Sun moves into attractive Libra, your 5th solar house. Over the next few weeks, fire up your enthusiasm for entertainment, pleasure and recreational fun. Love attractions are in the stars! Awaken your creative urges. Why not take up an interesting hobby or project? The door of opportunity is still open, but not for long as Jupiter starts to travel out of your area of love and romance. On the 22nd and the 23rd you'll be in a position to take positive action with financial concerns, loans, and debts. Then from the 23rd to the 26th, it will be difficult to find a balance between the home front and your career and reputation. Problems could occur through faulty machinery, gas, water and accidents.

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