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Sign Capricorn Week:  March 19 - 25
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Sea-Goats are undergoing changes on the home front, what with new furniture, buying decorative items, entertaining the family and getting in touch with childhood memories. Up to the 21st, dispense your charm, there are a few ideas floating around for revamping the house, or considerations may pop up for making agreements on a property. With Mars in your 1st solar house, your drive will be higher. Remain patient and don't push yourself too hard or have emotional outbursts with others in the coming few weeks.

The 20th sees the Sun enter fiery Aries, your 4th solar house at the Equinox. During the upcoming four weeks you can devote more time to your lifestyle, renovating the home or attending to repairs. Real estate and property matters are in the frame. You may want to start by cleaning out your closet. When the nooks and crannies of your house are in order, it is easier to pay attention to the needs of your heart. This also includes your psychological home as well as your physical one, so don't neglect your soul. However, as Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd, be ready for delays in fulfilling your ambitions.

On the 23rd, Mercury throws a spanner in the works as it turns retrograde in Aries, creating setbacks in negotiations and important documents. This a phase of lengthy delays of missed arrangements and slow negotiations. Be prepared for ideas to change. Documents could go astray and transport is subject to snafus. Hold over real estate transaction and important business discussions. Gather your facts and information and do some background work. People will tend to procrastinate, make mistakes and leave things in abeyance before making any moves. Don't get caught up with unimportant details, or slights. Check and check again on vital agreements. Be well-organised rather than flustered or impatient as you wait for answers and decisions. Mercury will return to direct motion on April 15th and be out of the shadow phase on May 3rd.

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