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Sign Cancer Week:  September 18 - 24
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Crabs can look forward to unexpected success through your career, professional life and public image. The 20th sees a New Moon in articulate Virgo your 3rd solar house. This the right time to get your communications back to normal. The New Moon arrives as Mercury the Divine Messenger steps out of a retro shadow phase, and fortunate Venus swings into your 3rd house. It promises a delightful time to clear misunderstandings, noting that the energy between the 19th and 21st will be tricky, with the potential for delusion and deceit surrounding you. Be totally up front and clear when communicating. Hear what others have to say, but avoid making commitments, decisions or signing documents. In the meantime, you'll start to make progress with your ideas, being able to speak your mind on important matters and connect with other people in a pleasant way. Social engagements, taking short trips, and expressing your emotions more openly are favoured.

As Jupiter makes its way through your 4th solar house, The next few weeks offer opportunities on the home front, in real estate, building family relationships and extending the family circle. Between the 21st and October 7th, mighty Jupiter and disruptive Uranus are in opposition. Events from early March this year will come to a head when unexpected changes to your life style, family, career, and public persona will be on the cards.

Then on the 22nd at the Equinox, the Sun moves into attractive Libra, your 4th solar house. Over the coming weeks you'll move away from neighbourhood dialogue and start concentrating on what is happening on the home front. Jupiter will be departing from your 4th house on October 10th, so take up opportunities to improve relationships with family members, or beautify the home in some way. Some of you may build on extensions or move to a larger home. Reunite with the clan, invite close friends over and entertain at home. From the 22nd to the 23rd, talks and agreements in relationships, business partnerships, and dealing with opponents and legal issues could see progress. From the 23rd to the 26th, you'll think about your self-worth, but don't paint a picture of lies to impress others. It's not a time of ego-building, rather one of doing compassionate work for others. Centre your mind, alleviate negativity and face reality without being consumed with doubts. Take a look at your spiritual concepts. Are you being carried away with illusory beliefs?

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