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Sign Aries Week:  September 18 - 24
(If you know your rising sign, read that too for a balanced forecast.)
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Rams start this week favouring exciting fun adventures, romance and something out of the ordinary to do, especially in the work environment. The 20th sees a New Moon in meticulous Virgo, your 6th solar house. This will call for new course of action and decision-making. It has the potential to bring about job changes. Mercury will be out of its retro shadow phase, allowing you to discuss your options and set your ideas into place. Venus also swans into your 6th house, improving work conditions and relationships with co-workers, the boss, subordinates, and public relations. Watch your eating habits, as indulgence in sweet and fatty foods may be problematic. It's time for changing your routine and curtailing bad habits. Starting a new beauty regime and focusing on your wellbeing may be harder than you anticipate, as patience is not usually your forte. You might even full in love with a new pet. Added to this you can expect smoother sailing with communication now that Mercury is out of its shadow phase. Giant Jupiter opposes disruptive Uranus from the 21st and October 7th, so expect major shifts in your attitude towards relationships and the self-image you want to portray, let alone your personal needs.

The 22nd at the Equinox sees the Sun move into stylish Libra, your 7th solar house. Over the coming weeks you'll turn your attention to relationships, partnerships, marriage, long-term commitments, contracts, legal agreements and dealings with open enemies. Review your personal needs and encourage personal growth by learning the art of compromising. Work towards a common goal, Aries. Add harmony by cooperating and avoiding ego-conflicts, or insisting on having your own way. From the 22nd to the 23rd you will be in a position to make decisions about your career, speaking with influential types and setting some goals into action. Then from 23rd to the 26th will be less than ideal for getting your point of view across. Misunderstandings, confusion, deception and concerns could invade your work sphere. Try to work on your own, without being overwhelmed by doubts and fears.

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