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More on Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo Virgo Tarotscope for September 2016

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Six of Cups
Your heart and mind are revolving very much around family of origin, parents, siblings and childhood friends. You'll be feeling quite sentimental about old times and old connections, yet you feel obstructed from making contact or direct connection. You will actually attract that which will soon allow you to realise that longing to be with your clan. There will be some serious ups and downs between this time and the manifestation you need, but you will be victorious.
Go to Top Career
Queen of Pentacles
You've been quite stable and contented with your career life for some while now; it's suited your needs without really being inspiring. Well, the whole tenor of the work situation is about to change. You will find yourself having to go into battle. You'll hold fears that the situation might backfire on you, but the truth is you are being shunted out of a circumstance that's become toxic. Destiny is driving you toward a situation that is beyond your wildest hopes for prosperity, security and creative satisfaction.
Go to Top Finance
Wheel of Fortune
Destiny has a strong hold over events in your sector of finance in September. You have a special knack for manifesting what you need. Destiny is helping you to realise a financial need. You'll need to be clever and incisive with the funds that you acquire and to let it mature on the back-burner. This will allow for probable travel later in the year.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Pentacles
It's seriously about money and the manifesting thereof in September. You will harvest that which you need to fulfil a specific plan and this time you'll be much more spiritually aware of the mechanics of your manifesting and the spiritual truth that comes with such understanding. You'll actually graduate on a spiritual level to securing the truth of the divine hand in manifestations you exercise.

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