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More on Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo Virgo Tarotscope for August 2017

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Six of Cups

Time spent with family has been both emotionally and practically enriching. In fact you were in need of withdrawal into such a nourishing environment. Yet, this month sees you needing to move on. Although you have a fear of the unknown at this time, doing your homework and sussing options to the full will serve you well and bring about a new circumstance of contentment.
Go to Top Career
The Hanged Man

New circumstances will see you sacrificing an aspect of your work in order to undertake a change or geographical move. Walking away from the aspect of income that has actually lost its appeal to you will involve some attempts at obstruction, but you'll manage that calmly, because you know you are moving toward far better opportunities and circumstances.
Go to Top Finance
Three of Pentacles

You have at least two, probably three different avenues of income, and this circumstance is supported by people around you who help to advance your efforts and secure your plans. If anything you'll find you have too many opportunities and too much work on your hands. A move will prove financially advantageous to you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Cups

Just when you feel you've run out of options, an opportunity will arise. It will embody an element of partnership that will be the answer to most of your current life needs. It's your faith in divine providence that allows these options to arise for you at just the right time. You will soon be in a position where those uncertainties you've lived with for some time now are ameliorated and you will be at peace again.

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