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More on Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo Virgo Tarotscope for March 2017

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At a time of flux and unsureness, you are surprisingly contented. You have renewed and regenerated certain relationships that bring you not only joy but greater security. You have a significant win ahead for you this month, which seems to provide that which is needed for you to be living in harmony, both internally and externally. You actually feel calm in trust of divine providence and guidance.
Go to Top Career

This is fairly self-explanatory. Your career is to undergo a sudden and initially quite frightening change. Once you get over the initial distress you'll find yourself in quite a delightful situation, one that is equally sudden and surprising. Then information will come your way about an opportunity that is very appealing and involves even more change. A new enterprise will prove to be just what you needed.
Go to Top Finance
King of Cups

That new path you've found yourself on, as spoken of in your sector of career, whilst being quite pleasing to you, does involve accepting something of a financial sacrifice. Yet it seems that you can't put a foot wrong at this time. Even though you happily accepted the prospect of sacrifice, you then find that a new possibility of abundance overshadows that sacrifice by a mile. Your own positive trust in divine providence is working like magic.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hierophant

You will receive great support from two people of authority or professional excellence at this time. Even though that initial financial sacrifice is made, the plan in general hasn't taken into account your creative ingenuity. Your hopes will be positively fulfilled, even if you haven't made those hopes on a conscious level.

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