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More on Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo Virgo Tarotscope for December 2017

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Queen of Cups

You're basically quite content with your home and your emotional circumstances, but it's still something of a juggling act. You know the circumstances aren't permanent. You long for a secure situation and would prefer more solitude. Well, new starts are soon to come. It may be a bumpy ride initially, but know that you are being led through some problematic situations, through to your needs being fulfilled.
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The Emperor

Matters of career have been insecure as you don't really know where you'll be or when. You're going to get some really great support and advice from a highly respected person who will assist you in setting up a work situation where you can enjoy self-employed or independent circumstances. You may not become a millionaire, but you'll be happy and satisfied with this new start.
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Knight of Pentacles

The new start spoken of in your sector of career is extrapolated on in this sector. You'll start by being very satisfied with earning quite enough to cover your financial commitments and you'll grow to an expanded financial circumstance where you are more than simply secure. You'll be better off than you have been in a long while.
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Page of Pentacles

You're actually doing very well with focusing your intention around earning money. As the month begins you may not be seeing the results, but give it time. It is a work possibility that you've considered in the past that will, probably with a partner of some sort, bring your financial intentions to concrete reality.

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