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Virgo Virgo Tarotscope for January 2017

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Three of Cups

Many of you will have travelled in recent times. Some of you will still be away from home. Either way, you're going to be celebrating with people you love in the month of January. Yet, after the celebrations some negative input from someone near will put a downer on your emotions. You have deep-seated wishes in relation to the negative disruption and the solving of the situation and, not without some further distress, you will come through to a far better personal circumstance.
Go to Top Career
Five of Swords

You will have had your head in the clouds for a while now, about assuming that money owed to you for work done will easily be given to you. No, you're going to have to fight for your rightful emolument. You will win, but not without a degree of nervousness about future employment. Don't worry, your excellent record will provide you with all the work you need, just maybe in a different work place.
Go to Top Finance
Two of Pentacles

So, money's a juggle for you in January, but that's nothing new to you. Be hopeful, because somehow something to do with a recent journey puts you in a position to receive a financial win. With this better energy around your finances you'll find creative ways to maximise on the windfall.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Wands

I see you working in harmonious and respectful unity with three or four other people who have your wellbeing on as high a priority as their own. You will make something of a sacrifice, probably of a geographic nature in order to find yourself a truly happy home situation. Once you allow for the possibility of that sacrifice, new options will come your way as if out of the blue.

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