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by Rob Tillett

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Virgo Virgo Daily April 2017
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Daily forecasts for April 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSat Apr 1: Temper, Temper
You're feeling rather nervy with the Moon in Gemini and being on edge will make you prone to losing your temper and leaping to conclusions. It's April Fool's Day after all! Do yourself and everyone else a big favour by staying cool, calm and collected, even if you feel you're at the mercy of others. Focus on foreign affairs, as Mercury dances into Taurus. Why not take up a course, or cultural pursuit of some kind? Lucky colours are peacock blue and sage green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 57.
Go to TopSun Apr 2: Spending Up A Storm
Money slips through your fingers like water today, so watch out. Quite simply, you're in the mood to spend, spend, spend, whether or not you can afford it. And you won't really know when to stop, either, because you'll be having so much fun. Try to restrict yourself to a realistic budget or leave your credit cards at home and only take the cash you're allowing yourself to spend. Otherwise, it could be a very expensive trip. Lucky colours are platinum and gold. Lucky numbers are 4 and 31.
Go to TopMon Apr 3: Joint Ventures
Venus retrogrades into Pisces, your seventh house of marriage and partnerships today, so keep a cool head! Partnerships are emphasized in weeks ahead, and new partnerships, marriage and joint ventures are also in the wind. Resolve any disagreements using your natural charm. Court cases and contracts should work out for you this month. Lucky colours are golden topaz and ocean blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 34.
Go to TopTue Apr 4: Taking It Easy
Let's hope that you've got the day off because you certainly aren't in the mood for any work, unless it's very artistic and creative. Taking life easy is more your cup of tea right now, and you'll be happiest if you can relax in some convivial company. So gather your friends around you or, if that isn't possible, visit somewhere that always has a soothing effect on you. Lucky colours are salmon pink and bright blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 38.
Go to TopWed Apr 5: Intense And Mysterious
If it's been eyes across a crowded office or factory floor recently, the atmosphere between you and you-know-who will become even more intense and mysterious today. It will be great fun to do some flirting, even if you don't really mean anything by it. This is also a good day for improving the atmosphere between you and anyone who hasn't exactly been your best buddy lately. Lucky colours are burnt orange and silvery green. Lucky numbers are 20 and 38.
Go to TopThu Apr 6: Forgiving
You're in a very forgiving and accepting mood today, making it great for getting on well with whoever happens to be around. You'll find it especially easy to hit it off with colleagues and customers, because you're ready to take them as you find them and you hope they'll do the same to you. If you've got some spare cash you'll enjoy treating yourself to something that will improve your health or general well-being. Lucky colours are saffron and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 28 and 34.
Go to TopFri Apr 7: Careful Handling
Someone is taking things much too seriously today. It's as though they've lost their sense of humour and are being ultra-intense. Bear this in mind when talking to them because they need careful handling. Alternatively, you might get churned up about past hurts and problems that come to the surface once again, making you feel wretched or defensive. Lucky colours are fawn and bright red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 27.
Go to TopSat Apr 8: Fur Flies
The fur is flying again today, just when you thought things had simmered down a little. Today, someone's feeling upset because they aren't very well, they're worried about something or they've got too much work to do. It doesn't help that either you or this other person has one eye on the clock most of the time and is feeling impatient with anyone who can't keep up the hectic pace. Lucky colours are bright yellow and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 27 and 67.
Go to TopSun Apr 9: Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is solid for you in Taurus, but you need more mental stimulation. You will be coming across as fair-minded, tolerant and enthusiastic, so you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views. But with Mercury now retrograde, you may have to try harder. Go out of your way to get your feelings out into the open. Be openly affectionate, make that phone call you've been putting to one side perhaps, and see where you can smooth over disagreements and iron out any wrinkles. Lucky colours are warm brown and bright red. Lucky numbers are 9 and 34.
Go to TopMon Apr 10: Mood To Splurge
Once again you're in the mood to splurge. You're feeling so expansive and generous that you don't care how much you spend, especially if you're buying a treat for someone. But don't use money as a way to make yourself more popular or more important because you'll be shooting yourself in the foot. You may even meet someone who thinks this way, and you'll realize how off-putting it is for everyone else. Lucky colours are lemon and navy. Lucky numbers are 33 and 2.
Go to TopTue Apr 11: Full Moon
The coming fortnight is an excellent opportunity to get your money matters in order, and to pay particular attention to your everyday finances. For instance, you should go through bank and credit card statements in case they contain mistakes, and also pay any overdue bills before they lead to trouble. If you've been overspending this will be a good chance to cut back on your outgoings. Lucky colours are burnt orange and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 17 and 49.
Go to TopWed Apr 12: Things Run More Smoother
You've encountered some irritating hiccups while handling financial matters recently, but things start to sort themselves out from today. However, you should check that things are running smoothly again by taking a look at your bank account or credit card payments. If you spot a mistake you'll be in a position to sort it out as quickly as possible. Lucky colours are pink velvet and oyster. Lucky numbers are 31 and 77.
Go to TopThu Apr 13: Efficient And Practical
You're in a highly efficient and practical mood today, which is marvellous for tackling anything that calls for a clear head and a methodical approach. It's great for sorting out a financial or bureaucratic matter, for calculating your work expenses, talking to the taxman or anything else that's tedious but necessary. You'll also do well if you're at work. Lucky colours are banana yellow and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 38 and 29.
Go to TopFri Apr 14: Roll Up Your Sleeves
This is a fantastic day for rolling up your sleeves and getting on with whichever jobs require your attention. You're in a fix-it mood, so it's a good opportunity to check that equipment and systems are all working properly and to do something about them if they aren't. If you've got to make a decision you'll think it through carefully and will choose the most sensible and logical option. Lucky colours are aqua and avocado. Lucky numbers are 35 and 63.
Go to TopSat Apr 15: Deepest Feelings
Welcome the opportunity today to talk about your deepest feelings and needs, especially if you've been having a difficult time over the past few days. Have the courage to open up your heart to someone you trust as Venus turns direct, whether they're your other half, a long-term friend or an objective third party. A close relationship could also go through a very intense and passionate phase. Lucky colours are navy and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 23 and 68.
Go to TopSun Apr 16: Grumpy
It's a bad-tempered day in which almost anything and anyone could rub you up the wrong way. The key is your level of emotional involvement because the more connected you feel to a person or thing, the more likely you are to blow your top about it. There could also be a fuss when someone starts to feel jealous and possessive, or they object to you seeing one of your friends. Not an easy day. Lucky colours are moss green and ochre. Lucky numbers are 37 and 40.
Go to TopMon Apr 17: Winsome Ways
Try to smooth things over after yesterday's outbursts, because you have quite a way with you today. Ideally, you should talk about your innermost feelings and let others do the same. If you hear a confidence, make sure you can keep it. You certainly shouldn't try to remember it so you can pass it on to someone else later on. Lucky colours are lilac and opal. Lucky numbers are 29 and 40.
Go to TopTue Apr 18: Take Care
Take care because once again you're in a rather morose and deflated mood. If something goes wrong you'll invest it with more importance than it deserves, perhaps telling yourself that it proves you're unlucky or that no one loves you. You're torn between being sociable and reclusive, but you really prefer your own company. Lucky colours are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 26 and 61.
Go to TopWed Apr 19: Flight Of Spirit
Vim and vigour sum up the Virgo spirit today. You'll want to spend time with mentally stimulating and inspiring people, nothing humdrum or conservative will do. Far horizons beckon you -- mentally, spiritually and geographically. Try and make special plans to go somewhere you've never been before; once again, we're not just talking geography here. Lucky colours are royal purple and bronze. Lucky numbers are 8 and 57.
Go to TopThu Apr 20: Some Good Fortune
You need all the breaks you can get at the moment, thanks to the bad- tempered atmosphere that's been surrounding you over the past couple of days, but some good fortune arrives at your door today. You'll be offered some great opportunities during the next four weeks, and some of these could involve financial opportunities, travel or further education. Take advantage of every chance that comes your way because you may not get a second bite of the cherry. Lucky colours are lime and coffee. Lucky numbers are 2 and 77.
Go to TopFri Apr 21: Your Star Will Shine
Career energies come into play over coming weeks, as your stamina is boosted by the march of Mars across your mid-heaven. This motivates important actions that affect your future. You may not seek attention for yourself, but your efforts will attract the notice of the public and those in positions of power. You may be ringing the bells for another person, or a cause in which you believe, but one way or another your star will shine. Lucky colours are sable and red. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.
Go to TopSat Apr 22: Eye For Detail
You have such a strong eye for detail today that you don't know when to stop, and could easily get bogged down in minor considerations and tiny problems that assume massive proportions. This is particularly likely when you're handling financial matters, unless you can have plenty of breaks in which to clear your head and have a breather. Lucky colours are pale gold and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 35.
Go to TopSun Apr 23: Enchanted
Try to mix with people who are that little bit different today. You'll be enchanted by them and they'll help to take you out of yourself. It doesn't matter whether you already know them or you're meeting them for the first time today, because the effect they have on you will be the same. If you feel like a mini-adventure, you'll love visiting somewhere you've never been to before. Lucky colours are dark purple and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 36 and 15.
Go to TopMon Apr 24: Hardworking
You're in a hardworking mood today, making it a great start for a project. You need to get things done and won't mind how long they take you, as long as you reach your goal. You'll also get on well with customers and colleagues, because you're ready to give them plenty of your valuable time and to listen to what they're telling you. Lucky colours are magenta and cream. Lucky numbers are 16 and 77.
Go to TopTue Apr 25: Even Keel
Life has certainly had its ups and downs lately but today you're on a nice, even keel. Make the most of it by catching up with jobs that have had to take a back seat recently, and by making contact with anyone you haven't spoken to lately. If you're in the middle of making plans for the future this is a good day for jotting down the ideas you've had so far or for asking the advice of someone you trust. Lucky colours are vanilla and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 11 and 8.
Go to TopWed Apr 26: New Moon
Today's New Moon is good news because it heralds a lucky phase for you over the next few weeks. It will be a fabulous opportunity to branch out in new directions, especially if these represent a leap of faith, because you never know where they might lead and who you might meet along the way. It's also a fantastic time for activities that involve travel, whether of the mind or body. So get out that suitcase! Lucky colours are cornflower blue and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 25 and 70.
Go to TopThu Apr 27: Wearing You Down
Someone dear to your heart is in a very intense mood today, so they take everything much more seriously than usual. This is okay for a while, but it could wear you down when this person starts to sound like a broken record because there's only one thing they want to talk about. You might also be gripped by intense feelings, especially about the past, making you highly sensitive and on your guard. Lucky colours are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 18 and 31.
Go to TopFri Apr 28: Enchanting
Intimate relationships start to blossom from today and will continue to flourish until early June. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with that special person in your life, especially if you've been together for so long that you're starting to take one another for granted. If you're single, that could soon change when you meet a sexy someone who has an enchanting and entrancing effect on you. Lucky colours are peach blossom and dark green. Lucky numbers are 9 and 51.
Go to TopSat Apr 29: Carried Away
Be very careful with financial dealings or spending money today because you could get carried away. Your brain is working overtime right now, filling you with ideas that may not necessarily have much to do with reality. As a result, you could talk yourself into believing things that are never really likely to come true. Bear that in mind if you're discussing budgets because you may take a very rosy view of how much you can afford to spend. Lucky colours are caramel and cream. Lucky numbers are 21 and 72.
Go to TopSun Apr 30: Laughter And Happiness
This is a fantastic day, full of laughter and happiness. It's a welcome relief after the tears and tantrums that you've had to cope with this April. Ideally, you should forget about work and do things you enjoy instead. Unless, of course, you enjoy your work, in which case you'll have a whale of a time. You're also in a very creative mood, so look for exciting ways to express yourself. Lucky colours are plum and saffron. Lucky numbers are 3 and 19.
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