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by Rob Tillett

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Virgo Virgo Daily February 2017
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Daily forecasts for February 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Feb 1: Making Progress
The Moon in your eighth house of power and money blends well with the planetary energies today. You can expect to make some progress in your goals, especially when dealing with the Powers That Be. This is a good time to ask favours, especially if you couch your request in terms of what benefits helping you will bring to those who assist you. Lucky colours are red and silver. Lucky numbers are 17 and 22.
Go to TopThu Feb 2: Cracking The Nut
Action's the key for today. If you're feeling restless or frustrated, get moving and do something that will advance or change your situation. Physical activity will benefit and the more physical, the better. Embrace the track, the gym, the pool or even a round of bedroom callisthenics. The only one to avoid is the credit card aerobics. It's not a day for spending to scratch that inner itch. Lucky colours are fire engine red and caramel. Lucky numbers are 26 and 44.
Go to TopFri Feb 3: Sex Money and Power
The planet of love enters your eighth house of sex, money and power, stimulating your desire for all three! Others will be more inclined to share their resources with you, including their affections. This is a great time to ask for what you want from those in positions of power. You may even be able to wrangle a raise during the coming weeks. Lucky colours are wine red and ivory. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9.
Go to TopSat Feb 4: Fresh Air
If you've got a favourite exercise or some work that will get you out of doors, so much the better. You will benefit from fresh air and stretching your legs. It will help if you can break up the routine somehow and not get stuck in a rut. There's a bigger picture just waiting to reveal itself and the time you spend in the open will help you to see it. If you can't get out then at least stay active. Lucky colours are amber and garnet. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
Go to TopSun Feb 5: Fully Engaged
There is some emotional stress today, a bit of a letdown after the recent fun. Nevertheless, if you are working, your mind is fully engaged, producing quite some progress in finding ways for improving systems and routines. Disagreements with colleagues and subordinates should be addressed with care and can wait till after the weekend. It's a good day for investigating new health treatments, getting a makeover, or starting a positive exercise routine. Lucky colours are mandarin and white. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopMon Feb 6: Ingenuity
Make sure you don't fly off the handle if things go wrong at work. Watch travel in the working world as well. There could be a measure of impatience in the air. However, every problem will have an interesting or unusual solution if you just give it time or talk it over. By the end of the day, you might even welcome a new difficulty because of the insight that dealing with it will provide. Lucky colours are cream and navy. Lucky numbers are 10 and 21.
Go to TopTue Feb 7: Mercury Moves
Mercury, your life-ruler, moves into intelligent Aquarius and your solar sixth house, travelling there over the next three weeks, so it's time to get down to work. Make solid plans and put routines in place to achieve them. Be innovative. Refresh yourself by revitalizing your approach and looking at things in a different way. A change of personnel in the work place is in the frame. You may find a new solution to an old problem, healthwise. Lucky colours are apple green and dusky brown. Lucky numbers are 6 and 16.
Go to TopWed Feb 8: Balance
You might find it testing to run the line between personal and domestic life and what you have to do to maintain career or responsibilities. There may be an encounter with a strong or emotional individual, a challenge to your authority or position. The best way to deal with it is to keep doing the simple things you know are right. Others will come round. The situation will change. Lucky colours are pearl and salmon. Lucky numbers are 4 and 23.
Go to TopThu Feb 9: Steady As She Goes
Just take things quietly for the moment. It's a reflective time and you'll get more benefit from looking back or within than you will from trying to push ahead or get things to happen. Someone else might be emotionally charged or upset. Help to ease their concerns. Engage in creative activity or just a bit of laziness. Stay away from the refrigerator though. You'll be inclined to indulge. Lucky colours are green and lilac. Lucky number is7.
Go to TopFri Feb 10: Looking Back
It might be time to review the past or to look back over an old situation, even if it's just to see how far you've come. Someone you once knew may feature in these memories. You may return to a project or a practice that you haven't given much attention for a time. Have a quiet day and enjoy the solitude or sense of peace that you can find. You may have the care of someone older. Lucky colours are charcoal and cerise. Lucky numbers are 24 and 43.
Go to TopSat Feb 11: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, brings long-standing hidden issues to a head. In fact, with unpredictable Uranus activated, some of you just might tell your boss to take this job and shove it! No matter how inspired you are, try to keep from swinging to extremes. Pay attention to signals your body is sending you. Lucky colours are navy blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 21 and 24.
Go to TopSun Feb 12: An Improvement
The Moon in your sign will be an improvement and show you just how things stand. Weigh up the impact that you are having on those around you after the Full Moon. Does something need to be changed? Does the balance need to be shifted one way or the other? Joint arrangements may need a review or even a complete change. Watch how they're working first. Then discuss them. Lucky colours are pink and white. Lucky numbers are 5 and 8.
Go to TopMon Feb 13: Weighing It Up
Just make sure you're not overspending with regard to lifestyle, romance or leisure pursuits. You naturally incline to being frugal and this is a good day to stick to the basics. If there's a simple and economical way of getting things done, choose that one. Give time to yourself and your own needs rather than trying to look after everyone else. There may be some tension in this area. Discuss. Lucky colours are red and avocado. Lucky numbers are 29 and 37.
Go to TopTue Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day! If trying new things makes you happy, this should be a very happy Valentine's Day indeed. With the planet of love moving into your house of intensity and other people's money, your loving nature should be well satisfied in weeks to come. To celebrate, buy yourself a little something that will inspire and excite you. Lucky colours are olive green and russet. Lucky numbers are 3 and 9.
Go to TopThu Feb 16: Financial Focus
Some financial disappointment is likely, where something you have been working towards falters. However, this is also likely to rearrange some of your personal priorities, so it's not all bad. Something that has been going on beneath the surface is likely to make more sense later. Avoid arguments with partners. Lucky colours are gold and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopFri Feb 17: On The Go
It's a busy day, dear Virgo. You'll have a lot on your plate with changes of schedule or timing thrown in, especially if you run into an old acquaintance. You may not be able to keep an arrangement. Some interesting news is in the wind. If you've been thinking about a change of image or presentation, today's the day to set things in motion. Be agile. Lucky colours are azure blue and strawberry blonde. Lucky numbers are 27 and 41.
Go to TopSat Feb 18: Garden Party?
It's quite hectic in Virgo world today, as your social life hitches up a notch. It's just the day for a garden party, with everyone dressed as nymphs and satyrs, naturally! Your personal values have taken quite a beating of late, so why not let your hair down and enjoy the new you. If a flutter at the casino suits you more, it's luckier late at night. Lucky colours are iris and gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 3.
Go to TopSun Feb 19: Fortunate Vibration
Get up early Virgo, especially if you are tempted by the stock market or financial trading. The energies are fabulously favourable before breakfast, but the general atmosphere goes downhill after that. You could do well from writing or teaching, sales or any communicative expression, though there will be tension later in the day. Lucky colours are green and cream. Lucky numbers are 21 and 3.
Go to TopMon Feb 20: Obstruction Or Transformation?
The wise virgin will set about making a new start today, as the cosmic forces promise a great transformation and perhaps even the revealing of a higher purpose for you. Of course, the not so wise virgin may experience a dose of serious obstruction at home, or with family, so she will feel inclined to buzz orf and leave them to their own devices. Lucky colours are maroon and silver. Lucky numbers are 10 and 4.
Go to TopTue Feb 21: Truly Simpatico
Now, this is more like it! The Moon in your house of love invites you to enjoy a romantic tete-a-tete with a like-minded soul, after a splendid day when marvellous ideas can be put into motion to achieve your cherished hopes and dreams. Things might be a little shaky at first, but as the night draws on, it will become clear that you are truly simpatico. Lucky colours are steely grey and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 5 and 7.
Go to TopWed Feb 22: Fabulous Time Tonight
Well, you've taken it to a new level, so now you are ready to speculate on the outcome. Be very cautious today as some seemingly great ideas could be rather deceptive; be sure to read all the fine print. In fact, forget about them for the time being and spend time with kids. Concentrate instead on the fabulous time you are going to have tonight and the brilliant flashes of inspiration you will receive as the planets turn in your favour. Lucky colours are garnet and white. Lucky numbers are 5 and 23.
Go to TopThu Feb 23: Share a Confidence
Take a deep breath and relax. Today's a day to attend to your own thoughts and your inner life. Catch up with rest. Take time for creative or spiritual endeavours. Just lose a few hours with a favourite book or dvd. You might take time for a heart to heart with your loved one. Share a confidence. Talk about your dreams for the future. Share a few of the private pleasures you most enjoy. Lucky colours are coral and lilac. Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
Go to TopFri Feb 24: Fully Engaged
There is some emotional stress today, a bit of a letdown after the recent fun. Nevertheless, if you are working, your mind is fully engaged, producing quite some progress in finding ways for improving systems and routines. Disagreements with colleagues and subordinates should be addressed with care and can wait till after the weekend. It's a good day for investigating new health treatments, getting a makeover, or starting a positive exercise routine. Lucky colours are mandarin and white. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopSat Feb 25: Unexpected Upsets
Unexpected upsets in relationships herald the coming New Moon. Even though things seem to have been running smoothly, there is so much going on at the moment that not even you can pin down all the details. Something may be going on behind the scenes that you don't know about, but whatever it is, it's likely to pop out now. Make a new start as Mercury enters Pisces by resolving disagreements with your partner and open conflicts of all sorts. Talk it through. Lucky colours are azure and silver. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopSun Feb 26: New Moon
Bright ideas come out of the blue today, and it becomes clearer how to deal with obstructive forces in relationships. This is the time to make a brand new start with your significant other, or to develop new emotional relationships if you are single. It's a brilliant day to further your goals and implement your plans, especially if they are connected with friends, associations and groups. Family matters are favoured too. Lucky colours are green jade and violet. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopMon Feb 27: Spiffy Ideas
Spend the day with your mate, or if you are flying solo, have some friends over to discuss spiffy ideas to use in business, sport, or politics. Spiritually minded virgins need to think long and hard about life's purpose, as the energies turn very much in your favour after midnight. Is life full of suffering, or is it all in the way we look at it? Lucky colours are rose and topaz. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.
Go to TopTue Feb 28: Communication Block
The atmosphere is pretty spiky today, as bumptious types impose themselves in every doorway. You are usually calm, cool and collected but today things can get your goat. The underlying energy is good, but the superficial interferences with the vibe can be a bit irritating. Focus your ideas on the financials, as you can wrestle a good plan into shape. Lucky colours are pale green and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 8 and 54.
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