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by Rob Tillett

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Virgo Virgo Daily November 2017
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Daily forecasts for November 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Nov 1: Energy Returns
Unlike yesterday, your energy levels are high helping you to handle whatever is on your agenda. You'll be especially effective when dealing with financial matters because you'll be determined to get things sorted out and this unspoken message will be transmitted to whoever you're talking to. It's also a good day for making contact with people in power or authority over you. Lucky colours are dove grey and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 20 and 29.
Go to TopThu Nov 2: Fab Day For Friends
This is a fabulous day for being with friends. You're feeling very supportive towards one another, and you'll also enjoy talking about whatever is uppermost in your minds at the moment. If you're collaborating with someone on a project for the future, make sure you're thinking along the same lines and that you're both still enthusiastic about it. Lucky colours are silvery green and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 7 and 37.
Go to TopFri Nov 3: Short Fuse
You don't have as much patience as usual today, and it shows. This means you'll be quick to snap at someone or you'll take any adverse comments as a challenge. Be particularly careful about mixing money and friends because this could soon become a very sore point. You should also be wary about lending or borrowing anything valuable in case something happens to it. Lucky colours are violet and oyster. Lucky numbers are 13 and 16.
Go to TopSat Nov 4: Full Moon
Don't be too quick to jump to conclusions, or to judge other people during the coming fortnight because the situation may not be nearly as clear-cut and simple as you first think. In fact, the more entrenched your opinions are generally, the greater the need will be for you to reconsider them and possibly even alter them in some way. So be open-minded! Lucky colours are peach and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 4 and 19.
Go to TopSun Nov 5: Live In The Present
Your thoughts will never be far from home and family during the rest of the year, and you'll also spend a lot of time thinking about the past. Although it will be interesting to reflect on some of the things that have happened to you, try not to become so immersed in your memories that they seem more vivid than your current experiences. You need to live in the present, not the past! Lucky colours are sky blue and cream. Lucky numbers are 31 and 65.
Go to TopMon Nov 6: Outspoken
You may love someone to bits but you aren't so keen on them today because they're so outspoken and controversial. They seem to be going out of their way to tread on your toes, throw the cat among the pigeons and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Are you outraged because they're deliberately being rude or because their frank comments make uncomfortable listening? Lucky colours are pale green and chocolate brown. Lucky numbers are 31 and 71.
Go to TopTue Nov 7: Two Steps Back
The gentle Moon and loving Venus compliment each other, allowing many of you to enjoy a rare romantic moment. Creativity and imagination are heightened, so allow for a few flights of fancy. Spending time teaching your children about different cultures around the world will benefit you as well as them, so make time for the little darlings. If you don't have children, enjoy activities that make you feel like one again. Lucky colours are mulberry and apricot. Lucky numbers are 7 and 45.
Go to TopWed Nov 8: Love Blossoms
You have the delightful knack of getting on well with whoever happens to be around today, no matter how they are or whether they're above or below you in life's pecking order. There's even a possibility that love could blossom when you meet that special someone through your job, a medical appointment or a financial matter, so make sure you're looking your best! Lucky colours are pale gold and dark pink. Lucky numbers are 30 and 51.
Go to TopThu Nov 9: Cooking Up A Storm
This is a wonderful day for doing some entertaining at home. It's exactly what you're in the mood for, particularly if you're feeling sociable but you don't want to stray too far from home. Maybe this is a good excuse to experiment with some recipes from your favourite cookery book, although you won't want to do anything too ambitious. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and silvery orange. Lucky numbers are 34 and 10.
Go to TopFri Nov 10: Check Them Out
Have a look around your home to make sure that all appliances, gadgets and machines are behaving themselves. If something seems to be on its last legs or is only being held together with rubber bands and willpower, it's time to take action. Either get it mended or start looking for a replacement, because you don't want it to conk out on you just when you need it most. Lucky colours are antique gold and violet. Lucky numbers are 31 and 18.
Go to TopSat Nov 11: Dynamic Virgo
You'll love being active during the next few weeks. In fact, you'll get quite restless and fed up whenever your life becomes too sedentary, and you might also become rather scratchy and testy with whoever happens to be around. This is a good opportunity to introduce some regular exercise into your life, and it might soon become a habit that's too enjoyable to break. Lucky colours are burgundy and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 19 and 76.
Go to TopSun Nov 12: Luminous Moon
You should feel strong and ready to face the world as the luminous Moon glides through your first house of personality. Your relationships are likely to be pleasant as affectionate Venus encourages harmony. Devote as much time as possible to your mate, best friend, or business partner. Love and friendship thrive under these influences. Lucky colours are iridescent pink and electric blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 65.
Go to TopMon Nov 13: Making Progress
If you're currently trying to make progress on a property deal, home improvement plan or some other long-running domestic arrangements, you'll feel very optimistic about your chances of success today. However, it's important that you remain realistic even in the face of problems, so don't kid yourself that things are okay when you suspect that they aren't really. Lucky colours are charcoal grey and lime. Lucky numbers are 21 and 66.
Go to TopTue Nov 14: Strong Emotions
Your thoughts are strongly influenced by your emotions today, which means it will be difficult to be objective about anything. For instance, a slight spat with a relative might be water off a duck's back to you normally, but right now you might over-react and feel that they're really attacking you. It will help to keep active and not to spend all day in one place. Lucky colours are cinnamon and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 8 and 18.
Go to TopWed Nov 15: Familiar Faces And Places
Familiar faces and places have special significance today, carrying even more meaning than usual. You might realize all over again how much someone means to you, or you could gain increased insight into a family problem. It will also be surprisingly easy to reach an agreement over something that might normally cause division or ill feeling. Lucky colours are blueberry and silver. Lucky numbers are 22 and 75.
Go to TopThu Nov 16: Party Animal
You're quite the party animal right now, and will pull out all the stops if you're going to a social event. Make an extra effort to look good, and wear some of your favourite clothes instead of any old thing. You never know who you might meet when you get there, so you'll want to look your best. Besides, it will be lovely to hear all those flattering compliments coming your way. Lucky colours are lavender and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 9 and 14.
Go to TopFri Nov 17: Angel Of Earth
Your Angel is Michael, Virgo, who watches over all your strengths and weaknesses, and the Angel that rules your sign is Hamaliel. Don't hesitate to call on either of your Angels if you need to, as they work hand in hand with the Stars. There's a flat, rather turgid atmosphere between you and a special person today and you don't know what to do about it.If they appear to give you the cold shoulder, try not to take it personally because it most likely has nothing to do with you. Lucky colours are peach and dark green. Lucky numbers are 38 and 52.
Go to TopSat Nov 18: New Moon
You'll enjoy exploring new surroundings and different circumstances during the coming fortnight, especially if these give you the opportunity to add to your social circle. So if a new neighbor has recently moved into your street, get chatting to them or invite them round for a drink. They might turn out to be your sort of person. Lucky colours are rich red and cream. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.
Go to TopSun Nov 19: Pillar Of Strength
A certain person is a pillar of strength for you now, and you really appreciate it. They might bolster up your ego when it starts to flag, cheer you up or simply pay you the compliment of being your friend. You'll want to do the same in return. If you've been organizing a forthcoming social event, make sure that all the details have been taken care of. Lucky colours are bright red and dark purple. Lucky numbers are 21 and 13.
Go to TopMon Nov 20: Lack Of Cash?
A lack of cash could put a crimp in your day. You might realize with a sinking heart that you don't have as much money as you thought, and you therefore can't afford to do something you were looking forward to. You could also receive a prickly letter from your bank manager or a depressing credit card statement. Try not to let all this spoil your enjoyment in the day. Lucky colours are russet and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 31 and 21.
Go to TopTue Nov 21: Stretch Yourself
Break the bonds of daily routine today. See if you can find some freedom of thought and action among the crowded hours. If you can get away and do something new and exciting, all the better. Make recreation or leisure activities the focus. But if you're housebound or tied to the job, try to add a creative element to what you're doing. Lucky colour isgarnet. Lucky numbers are 9 and 41.
Go to TopWed Nov 22: Talk It Through
The best way to sort out any domestic problems or family dramas is to talk them through as the Sun enters Sagittarius. However, you must guard against the tendency to assign blame if it isn't warranted, to dredge up past scores or to act like judge and jury. You should also know when to drop the subject and move on to something else. Don't keep gnawing away at it like a terrier with a bone. Lucky colours are violet and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.
Go to TopThu Nov 23: Remain Detached
The best way to deal with your emotions today is to talk about them. You don't have to make a big drama out of this, and it will be surprisingly easy to discuss quite painful topics without feeling completely cut up about them. It will definitely help to remain slightly detached from what you're talking about, because then you'll be more aware of the reality of the situation. Lucky colours are crimson and shimmering silver. Lucky numbers are 1 and 22.
Go to TopFri Nov 24: Spur Of The Moment
Try to change your schedule in some way today at the first hint of boredom or dreariness. Do something on the spur of the moment, alter your plans or take a small risk. If you don't do something like this, you'll be tempted to create some excitement through your disruptive behaviour. For instance, you might start a row or make some controversial pronouncements. Lucky colours are cornflower blue and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 14 and 35.
Go to TopSat Nov 25: Martyrdom
Much as you would like to take a back seat today, you're expected to shoulder a lot of responsibility. This could soon rankle, making you feel hard-done-by or mistreated. Beware a tendency to tell yourself that you're being martyred or taken for granted, and then to feel deliciously sorry for yourself. You may be making huge mountains out of minute molehills. Lucky colours are aubergine and salmon pink. Lucky numbers are 38 and 63.
Go to TopSun Nov 26: New Discoveries
Give your creative talents some exercise today. You'll really enjoy expressing yourself through a craft or artistic pursuit, whether you're the practitioner or you're enjoying someone else's efforts. It's also a lovely day for being with some of your favourite people, and you won't have to do anything very special to have a really good time. Lucky colours are chocolate and fire engine red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 64.
Go to TopMon Nov 27: Good Old Days
It's perfectly obvious that an older friend or relative thinks the world of you, and they show it in lots of little ways today. They might pay you a compliment, give you a hug or do you a favour. It's a delightful day for being with older members of the family, particularly if you encourage them to tell you about the good old days or to impart some interesting snippet of history. Lucky colours are sable and ivory. Lucky numbers are 27 and 71.
Go to TopTue Nov 28: A Lot On Your Plate
You've got a lot on your plate today and it's making you feel rather frazzled. Maybe you've got to balance the demands of your career with those of your family, or you're trying to adjudicate in an argument between older and younger members of the family. Try to find a happy medium in all this rather than to settle for one extreme or the other. Lucky colours are avocado and mango. Lucky numbers are 26 and 34.
Go to TopWed Nov 29: Keep It Zipped
Be very careful when spending money today because it will be tempting to talk yourself into parting with more than you can afford to spare. For instance, you might persuade yourself that you can afford to buy something very expensive, and completely ignore the effect it will have on your bank balance. If you're considering applying for a new job, be realistic about your prospects and also about what's being offered. Lucky colours are dark gold and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 27 and 47.
Go to TopThu Nov 30: Confusion
Between now and late December it won't always be easy to make yourself understood. For some reason, there will be misunderstandings and confusion, particularly when talking to people you know inside out. Be very careful if you're busy with a property deal or home improvement plan, because you may not be given the full story about something. There's also a chance that you might forget to mention some important facts, so watch out. Lucky colours are pistachio and aqua. Lucky numbers are 29 and 6.
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