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by Rob Tillett

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Virgo Virgo Daily January 2017
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Daily forecasts for January 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Jan 1: Happy New Year!
You have an ability for research, but must resist probing into areas that you should not today. Do not look for details in an attempt to right what you feel has been a wrongdoing directed towards you, as this will only come back negatively at a later stage. Ensure all communications and discoveries do not bring harm to others and this energy will slide away and as a plus, you will discover a special and trustworthy individual. A brand new friendship will begin. Happy New Year!
Lucky colours are purple and black.
Lucky numbers are 2 and 21.
Go to TopMon Jan 2: Emotional Contentment
The world looks wonderful through your eyes today Virgo as you are energized with the consideration of new possibilities. A new opportunity brings great promise and many of your present creative ideas and general concepts prove viable and fruitful. There is also the strong indication that single Virgo may enter a new romance today.
Lucky colours are lime and parchment.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 31.
Go to TopTue Jan 3: Joint Ventures
Venus moves into Pisces, your seventh house of marriage and partnerships today, so keep a cool head! Partnerships are emphasized in weeks ahead, and new partnerships, marriage and joint ventures are also in the wind. Resolve any disagreements using your natural charm. Court cases and contracts should work out for you this month.
Lucky colours are golden topaz and ocean blue.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 34.
Go to TopWed Jan 4: Move Forward, Not Backward
You have the opportunity today to turn your life around, but you need to place your fears behind you. It is hard to believe that positive change will head our way when we have faced and lived through negative experiences. Don't allow your fears and past experiences to hold you back from beginning a new cycle to remain in what may be comfortable but not what you truly desire.
Lucky colours are mauve and honey.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 28.
Go to TopThu Jan 5: Rest And Health
You are inclined to isolate yourself today or perhaps your health is just not the best. Despite feeling poorly, take the time to heed the advice from someone who knows best, as it really is in your better interests. Take this time out to do some evaluating of present directions and seek ways of personal improvement.
Lucky colours are bronze and butterscotch.
Lucky number is20.
Go to TopFri Jan 6: Contentment And Love!
You are feeling in a fine mood today Virgo, loving what is around you and who you have to love. There is a strong possibility single Virgo will cross paths with a new love, or perhaps even an old romantic love interest decides they simply do not want to live without you! Some of you will even achieve a success today and desire to kick up your heels in celebration.
Lucky colours are marmalade and cobalt.
Lucky numbers are 18 and 9.
Go to TopSat Jan 7: Romantic Tensions
It will be far too easy to be far too jealous and aggressive, as you are dominated by your own passionate thoughts and desires. This is a strong energy which will find singles swept away with desire for another or even locked into a lusty love-triangle. If your passion is not fulfilled by your lover today Virgo, do not be surprised if your eyes stray to greener pastures and you fantasize about what could be.
Lucky colours are sapphire and maroon.
Lucky numbers are 35 and 10.
Go to TopSun Jan 8: Mercury Turns Direct
There have been times lately when it's been difficult to communicate properly with loved ones. Maybe they haven't been around when you've wanted to talk to them or there have been crossed wires between you. Well, whatever the problem, you can start sorting things out from today and getting everything back to normal as Mercury stations. If you're currently buying or selling property, double-check that everything is running smoothly and no documents or letters have got lost in the post.
Lucky colours are spearmint and vanilla.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
Go to TopMon Jan 9: Romance Or Travel Or Both!
There is so much energy for travel to the exotic location of your dreams here Virgo, try and organize this if possible. Romance is imminent, whether it is a past love or a lover living some distance away and you will share a different level of passion and mutual interests. You are strongly rebelling against any form of constrictive influence in your immediate environment and truly desire to explore all forms of alternatives from your normal traditions.
Lucky colours are ivory and ebony.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 19.
Go to TopTue Jan 10: Taking Yourself Seriously
You desire changes in your career or creative arena and today will be a sensational day to communicate how you want these areas of your life to be. You will no doubt feel the desire to change career paths or start a new hobby interest, which is fine as long as you don't make hasty decisions and consider all possible end outcomes first.
Lucky colours are navy and brass.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 46.
Go to TopWed Jan 11: What Dreams May Come
You will be ultra-sensitive to the needs and moods of those in your daily sphere today, so you will ride the gamut of the emotions that surround you. You will be sympathetic but find it a touch over-whelming. You will find it best to use this day to read, relax or watch TV. For those of you who enjoy writing, this is a fantastic day to document your thoughts and creative ideas as you will feel extremely inspired.
Lucky colours are peach and violet.
Lucky numbers are 14 and 64.
Go to TopThu Jan 12: Full Moon
You will need to find a healthy balance for yourself as you tend to over-indulge in all things - food, drink and romance. Your energy is scattered so it will be tough to discern if the one you are attracted to today is the one you will be attracted to tomorrow. You will need to push yourself to work hard as you expect everything to just happen with little input from you. Craving romantic contact, you will cross paths with an interesting individual quite outside your normal tastes. Will it last? Probably not but enjoy the romantic rush while it lasts.
Lucky colours are green and coffee.
Lucky numbers are 24 and 63.
Go to TopFri Jan 13: Pleasure Or Friction?
It will depend on the environment you are in as this day unfolds. Two scenarios - you will find much comfort and support by those who share your thoughts and future aspirations at this time, or, you will face conflict from someone who disagrees with your outlook and beliefs. You feel lost for direction in regards to partnerships but this is the process of self-discovery to learn what your larger picture is. Ride the waves Virgo.
Lucky colours are navy and tan.
Lucky numbers are 9 and 69.
Go to TopSat Jan 14: Heart Of The Matter
You will really enjoy socializing with a willingness to discuss the heart of the matter in quite intense topics. You are intrigued by the life and death process at the moment and will find it stimulating to converse with like-minded people who share the same interest. That sounds so morbid doesn't it? You know what I mean though Virgo, taking the interest beyond the surface mumbo jumbo and getting to the heart of alternative religious and spiritual subjects.
Lucky colours are caramel and coffee.
Lucky numbers are 38 and 26.
Go to TopSun Jan 15: Closure
You withdraw from the social scene to focus on deeper issues now Virgo. You may feel you have failed with this energy, or you fear that you are not lovable, but what we need to do here is bring closure to an event where we blame self. Perhaps you feel regret about a past love that was lost or an action you have taken in the past that brings remorse. Seeking some quiet time with an interesting book or project will assist your healing process.
Lucky colours are terracotta and cream.
Lucky numbers are 36 and 34.
Go to TopMon Jan 16: Pressure Eases
Today is a far more productive day, as the desire to withdraw from those around you eases somewhat. The area of your romances and creativity is a very serious influence for you right now and whilst you crave love and attention, you will not settle for anything other than the best. Your communications and relations with close family are a positive support for you right now, as is your enthusiasm to explore religion and philosophy to find your personal meaning for it all.
Lucky colours are green and fawn.
Lucky numbers are 22 and 25.
Go to TopTue Jan 17: Too Giving
Discussions take a serious turn today, especially within your romantic and business partnerships. You communicate your feelings to perfection and will be analytical of all that you give and all you feel you receive in return. This is a two way energy where you find yourself doing far too much to please those around you, but you also may find that your expectations of others are extremely demanding. You desire emotional excitement here and may find you begin conflict to receive attention.
Lucky colours are purple and blue.
Lucky numbers are 16 and 55.
Go to TopWed Jan 18: A Helping Hand
You know just when you are needed today Virgo, by providing love and support to those in your closest sphere. If you have considered any form of studying or travel, this is a great day to bring these plans closer to reality. You will also find you are able to discuss any recent relationship or work concerns without the emotional fluctuations of the last few days.
Lucky colours are gold and aubergine.
Lucky numbers are 17 and 28.
Go to TopThu Jan 19: Rivalry
The weeks ahead are likely to focus on schedules and assignment of tasks and responsibilities related to your own work as well as to those who work for or with you. Your routine is filled with details, messages, and information. You should be more concerned with organization, methods, and planning in general. Stubborn pride, especially at work, should be controlled. The consciousness of your vitality may prompt a greater concern with the state of your general health, perhaps generating an enthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness.
Lucky colours are amethyst and apricot.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
Go to TopFri Jan 20: Relationship Crossroads
You are positive and determined to create the environment that you desire Virgo. You will be generous and loving, but demand that your terms and morals are adhered to at all costs. Taking love seriously, this energy encourages marriage and commitment. Singles may find a fantastic attraction occurs in the work place.
Lucky colours are blackberry and taupe.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 41.
Go to TopSat Jan 21: Exciting New Connections
You are at your intellectual best today Virgo, dazzling those around you with your extensive knowledge on a vast array of subjects. You are loving and loyal, so those romantic connections of yours may develop into a more permanent commitment. Attached Virgo will feel quite devoted to their love.
Lucky colours are aubergine and jade.
Lucky numbers are 20 and 6.
Go to TopSun Jan 22: Social And Sympathetic
You will love nothing more than mingling with exciting and unique individuals today. Watch your finances with your quest for fun, but all in all, this is a peaceful day where you enjoy deep conversations about the workings of life, justice and peace. Singles venture to a new venue for social gatherings, as an interesting new attraction may take your fancy.
Lucky colours are mushroom and charcoal.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 33.
Go to TopMon Jan 23: Quiet Withdrawal
You will feel far more comfortable in familiar and supportive environments, finding solace within longstanding, trusted relationships. You have been exploring an area of your life that has been causing some internal stresses and will find today a positive time to express these feelings with a close trusted female. There may also be some form of difficulty with foreign relations or legal concerns.
Lucky colours are walnut and pineapple.
Lucky numbers are 22 and 49.
Go to TopTue Jan 24: Retreat In Romance
It's more satisfying to spend time with your lover, or embracing the positive influence and high probability of romance entering your life at this time. Relations and communications with those in your closest sphere will be strained as you endeavour to alter your daily routine. Connections with those in distant places may feel the pinch of conflict as hidden details are revealed.
Lucky colours are amber and green.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 63.
Go to TopWed Jan 25: Rebellious And Defiant
Any form of responsibility or expectation will be met by rebellion on your part. You seek a higher level of experience and will buck the system. You solve your issues quietly and internally, but will be more than determined to stand your ground. When it comes to business and romance connections, ensure you have all of the facts before jumping to conclusions, as the reaction of today may lead to the apology of tomorrow.
Lucky colours are indigo and blue.
Lucky numbers are 36 and 60.
Go to TopThu Jan 26: Breaking With Tradition
Move as far away as possible from what you deem to be the negatives of the past. This is an exciting energy for you Virgo, even if a touch frightening as you are exploring a new world of courage and belief in self. Assist only those who are in sincere need, as so much of this energy is new territory for you, thus leaving you wide open to have your kindness and empathy taken for granted. For those partaking in a long distance romance, your only thoughts will be about the permanent union you hope to share.
Lucky colours are taupe and blue.
Lucky numbers are 34 and 52.
Go to TopFri Jan 27: Hidden Talents
There are moments of personal revelation today but also confusion. Just as you feel you understand it all, these moments of revelation disappear as soon as they evolve. Highlighted throughout the day is exactly what you don't like about your daily routine. Healthwise, it is a positive time to book in for that checkup or start that planned fitness regime.
Lucky colours are jade and fawn.
Lucky numbers are 1 and 20.
Go to TopSat Jan 28: New Moon
It is best you delve into that creativity of yours today Virgo. Explore physical rather than verbal ways of expression, as it will be easy to be misunderstood. You could take something old and make it new again. You're more intense and investigative, and have the energy to get to the core of any matter. You can pick up on the little things that people do and say, allowing you to make quicker judgments, which is necessary because you likely have to work more with others to get things done right now. You can have disputes with a business partner or over joint finances. Basically, this cycle encourages you to look within to solve your concerns, rather than towards the external for assistance.
Lucky colours are raspberry and purple.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 33.
Go to TopSun Jan 29: Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
The energy that surrounds you is bringing so many past memories you wish had remained well behind you. It will be far too easy to dwell on what has not worked out for you, or to allow the effects of a past hurt to wash over you, rather than seeing all that you have achieved. Remind yourself that there are no mistakes, just lessons we must learn on this journey. Reflect to learn, don't remain in the past out of fear of moving forward.
Lucky colours are caramel and coffee.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 31.
Go to TopMon Jan 30: Taking The Next Step
You will find the courage and confidence necessary to express your views and hopes for the future with those who are along for the ride. New romances progress into a more serious and committed connection, whilst new love may be just around the corner for the single and looking. Communication, exploring the deeper meaning of everything, is an essential drive at this point in time, so your socializing takes a more serious tone than usual.
Lucky colours are cream and raspberry.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 43.
Go to TopTue Jan 31: Head In The Clouds
It's a tough day to find your feet, Virgo. Frustration and boredom with the mundane is the theme, as your mind wanders to greener possibilities. You won't seek active conflict today, but if another attempts to restrict you or criticizes your ideals, you may be prone to impulsive reactions. An idealistic influence that will see you desire and seek a new and exciting experience.
Lucky colours are aubergine and strawberry.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 39.
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