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Unity in Diversity
the view from the Upanishads

ANANTHAKRISHNA SASTRY R.: Mantrasastra Lalita Sahasranaman – T.S. Publ. House; Adyar 1951
Mantrasastra section of Brahmananda Purana: good translation with voluminous commentaries
AUROBINDO Sri: The Synthesis of Yoga – Sri Aurobindo Ashram; Pondicherry 1976 (6th ed.)
AVALON A.: Shakti and Shakta – Dover; N.Y. 1978
Revealing, knowledgeable essays on Shakta thought
AVALON A.: The Principles of Tantra – Ganesh & Co.; Madras 1986 (6th ed.)
BERNARD T.: Hatha Yoga – Rider & Co.; London 1950
Excellent in depth study
BESANT A.: The Wisdom of the Upanishads – Adyar; Madras 1974 (Anniversary Convention Lectures 1906)
Erudite but brief synthesis of Upanishadic thought. Valuable.
BLAVATSKY H. P.: The Secret Doctrine – Theosophical University Press; Pasadena 1970
Essential reading for all matters mysterious!
BRUNTON P.: The Hidden Teaching beyond Yoga – Rider & Co; London 1941
BUCK W.: Mahabharata – Mentor; NY 1978
Fine, readable prose abridged translation
BUCK W.: Ramayana – Mentor; NY 1978
In style of his Mahabharata. Liberties taken with Rama's treatment of Sita on her return from Lanka
CHANDRA VASA: Geranda Samhita – Satguru Publications; Delhi 1979
Brief; useful information on Hatha Yoga
CHANDRA VASA: Siva Samhita – Satguru Publications; Delhi 1981
Brief but valuable presentation of esoteric information
DASGUPTA S. N.: Yoga Philosophy – Motilal Banarsidas; Delhi 1930
Fine discussion of Yoga in relation to other systems
DHARGYEY G.N.: Kalacakra Tantra – Library of Tibetan Works & Archives; Dharmsala India 1985
Mystical techniques, for initiates only
EASWARAN E.: The Upanishads – Petaluma California 1987
Useful translation; includes some lesser known Upanishads
EVANS-WENTZ W. Y.: Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines – Oxford 1958
IYENGAR B.K.S.: Light on Pranayama – Unwin; London 1981
IYENGAR B.K.S.: Light on Yoga – Unwin; London 1968
KANE & MINDI: The Physics of Consciousness – Last Chance Publishing Co.; Yeovil 1986
Brief look at subtle structures of consciousness. Very useful
KANE & MINDI: The Way of Life – Last Chance Publishing Co.; Yeovil 1987
Poetic, with very profound insights into stages of growth and levels of consciousness.
LODO Lama: Bardo Teachings – Snow Lion; NY 1987
MAHARISHI MAHESH Yogi: Bhagavad Gita (chaps 1- 6) – Penguin; London 1969
Illuminating commentary and fine translation of early part only of Bhagavad Gita
MAHIDHARA: Mantramahodadhi – Satguru Publications; Delhi 1985 (2nd ed.)
Tantric formulae; abstruse and difficult
MULLIN G. (ed.): Meditations on the Lower Tantras – Lib. Tib. Works & Archives; Dharmsala India 1983
PANCHAM SIN: Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Satguru Publications; Delhi 1981
Good, brief translation
PRABHAVANANDA & ISHERWOOD: Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination – Hollywood 1947
Excellent presentation
PRABHAVANANDA & MANCHESTER: The Upanishads – Hollywood 1947
Very good and clearly written
PRABHAVANANDA Swami: Srimad Bhagavatam – Ramakrishna Math; Madras 1981
PRABHUPADA Swami: Sri Isopanisad – Los Angeles 1969
PRABHUPADA Swami: The Bhagavad Gita As It Is – Bombay 1975
His translations are all a bit clunky and very literalistic, but worth a read
PUROHIT & YEATS: The Ten Principal Upanishads – London 1937
Easy to read but some dubious interpretations
RADHAKRISHNAN & MOORE: A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy – Princeton 1957
RADHAKRISHNAN S.: Bhagavad-Gita – New York 1952
RAJNEESH Bhagwan Shree: Tantra, The Supreme Understanding – Rajneesh Foundation; Poona 1975
RAMACHARAKA Yogi: Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy – Fowler; London 1960
RAMACHARAKA Yogi: Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy – Fowler; London 1960
RAMACHARAKA Yogi: Hatha Yoga – Fowler; London 1960
RAMACHARAKA Yogi: Lessons in Gnani Yoga – Fowler; London 1960
RAMACHARAKA Yogi: Raja Yoga – Fowler; London 1960
All of his work is clear and useful, but the Advanced Course is not the best.
TAIMINI I. K.: The Science of Yoga – T.S. Publishing House; Wheaton Ill. 1961
VIVEKANANDA Swami: Karma Yoga – Almora Himalayas 1970
VIVEKANANDA Swami: Raja Yoga – Almora Himalayas 1970
WILSON H. H.: The Vishnu Purana – Punthi Pustak; Calcutta 1972
ZIMMER H.: Philosophies of India – Bollingen; Princeton 1969
Read this for a brilliant overview

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