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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for September 2016

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Nine of Pentacles
As the month begins, you've fought fears around emotional vulnerability and come to a state of emotional contentment and no little prosperity. Yet, you've still got some work to do around defining which fears are simply constructs of the mind and which are genuine alerts from your soul's wisdom. Your emotional or relational life is quite tied to your financial situation. So, much is to be gained by your current growth in understanding.
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Three of Cups
Lovely! You're celebrating a win in your career sector. Yet, there's something amiss in your workplace that will cause quite an eruption in your newly achieved position. You seem to have been through something similar in the past and your fears are based on outcomes in that past. This is an entirely different situation and in fact the outcome will soon show that it serves you better than your original hopes and plans did.
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Ten of Swords
Events arising in your sector of career will affect your financial position in the immediate. You won't be left in poverty, but you will be seeing a smaller income than you'd expected at this juncture. Don't be too distressed over this temporary circumstance, because your incisive business sense is going to map a way to recover twofold that which you appear to have lost.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hanged Man
A small sacrifice will be required of you this month, Taurus, that will actually lead you to personal balance and ideological contentment. You will be doing what you know to be right, even though there might have been a way for you to capitalise on betraying your ethical values. You'll observe others with less in the way of ethical values gain by deceit, yet your self-esteem will remain solid in comparison to them.

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