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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for September 2017

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Ten of Wands

It's not all beer and skittles for Taurus this month. A young person has been rather difficult of late, which will prove quite a burden for you over September. There will be squabbles around money and you'll fear the repeat of behaviours of the past, yet it will be worthwhile to give this person a second chance. Even though you may still feel let down around this circumstance, it's in times yet to come that your generosity at this time will have a healing effect on the relationship.
Go to Top Career
Two of Swords

As the month begins you feel as if you are trapped within a cycle of career that holds you fixed in a never-ending spiral of stress, fatigue and exploitation. Well, being you, you wonÕt put up with that for long. You will happily accept some minor sacrifice in order to be free to join with a partner in a new endeavour. The new path won't be without its difficulties, but you'll be free of that numbing fatigue that used to have you despairing.
Go to Top Finance
Ace of Pentacles

Well it certainly seems that you've made the right choice in your career, as both financial and emotional satisfaction is yours as the month progresses. You will be dealing with either foreign climes or people not of your own nationality as your endeavours expand. Working on independent ventures will suit your nature well, allowing your business and creative acumen to shine uninhibited.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The World

New perspectives around spiritual matters will open to you this month. You'll find yourself attracted to a conversation you hear about such matters and as you pay more attention you'll be introduced to entirely new concepts. Being a very practical person, you'll want to apply intellectual rigor to such concepts. Well, forget that, just go on how it feels to you rather than what you think.

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