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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for August 2017

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Knight of Swords

You are in a situation in relation to a specific relationship where you need to go into battle. Change the dynamic that has been holding you in a bind, which is far from a representation of your spirit, or your ethics. You will win this battle and this will lead you to a far better circumstance, both emotionally and financially.
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The Empress

Good. All is well in your career sector. In fact we would say it is expanding on all levels under the aegis of this Empress of abundance and prosperity. You are likely to receive financial backing for a work endeavour and, as long as you stay true to your original vision, you will certainly be planting a fine success that will come to fruition in the future.
Go to Top Finance
Six of Cups

There seems to be some unpleasantness around family money. Perhaps an inheritance is being challenged, or real estate or matters of that nature. The major challenge seems to come from a rather angry young person. A small sacrifice on your part will end the troubles without you suffering any serious loss.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Cups

We see your heart at peace and your hearth and home offering joy and tranquillity. The minor matter brought up in your sector of finance will not be particularly distressing as it hasn't come as any great surprise for you and there is much more in the way of exciting events and outcomes to take up your focus.

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