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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for August 2016

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The Chariot
Well, there's money, money, money around you this month and this is very appealing to our grand Bull. It also tends to soothe the Taurean heart to know that material security is stable, so that the heart is more open and loving. There's travel here for you too. For some it will be a short journey in order to tie up financial issues. For others it's travel purely for the pleasure, knowing you have the finances to indulge. Those you love will also gain from your love and luck.
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Ten of Swords
The hand of karma or destiny is upon you in your career sector in August. Although this is leading you toward truly great joy, in the immediate it's not going to feel too jolly. There is a bit of sabotage going on in your work arena and it will be somewhat exhausting to set things to rights. There will be a connection to foreign places or people in the healing process over career events in your life.
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King of Wands
Events in your career sector do have an impact on your financial status, but the money we speak of in your sector of romance and relationship isn't actually connected or the direct result of your labours. Therefore your finances aren't in trouble, but certainly an avenue of expected income will need to be addressed.
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Two of Cups
There's a strong connection with partnerships here Taurus and it's all positive. It's more than likely that there are at least two other people involved with you, as partners, or friends or trustworthy advisers. There will be celebrations before the month is out. Those difficulties spoken of in your career sector, although quite serious, will be well overshadowed by the positives occurring in your life.

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