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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for May 2017

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The Emperor

Pertinent to your relationship life, dear Taurus, you find the need to apply to a wise friend or professional counsellor for advice where a particular relationship is concerned. The wisdom you will gain from this exercise will have a vital positive effect on more than the initial relationship you are addressing. Remember, the only person you can change is you. Any relationship that is less than honest will no longer feel appropriate to you.
Go to Top Career
Four of Cups

So, you're feeling rather disenchanted with your work world at this time. Not only are you feeling bored with the work, you also feel your personal values are in conflict with this type of endeavour. An event will occur that clarifies this conundrum so graphically that you are actually going to strike out and make some major changes in your career life. These will prove entirely positive.
Go to Top Finance
The Moon

It appears that your career issues will also uncover some kind of deception where remuneration is concerned. Initially you'll be in a bit of denial, thinking the best of people (or a person) who don't really deserve it. This could even lead to a legal issue as a part of your exit from this generally unsatisfactory situation. The ultimate outcome will be a big win for you on many levels.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Knight of Pentacles

This spread, including of course this leading card, is here to tell you to be of good cheer when you find yourself in a situation that would seem to destabilise your finances. Even if you take on a minor and temporary debt, the number of strong Pentacle cards here ensures that you'll be back to independent financial strength very swiftly. In fact you'll be better off than you were before the income issue arose.

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