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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for April 2017

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Ace of Pentacles

You need money and you're going to get it, but there will be a distinct burden in that getting. It will come in the form of disruption on the home front. It won't be anything major, just something of a nuisance factor, but then neither is the money involved of a major proportion. Yet out of this circumstance will come new beginnings and wishes coming true.
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Nine of Swords

Although your income is strong and safe, there is sorrow in your work world. Let this be an energy boost in a new direction, rather than an energy drain. There's some sort of partnership becoming available to you and once you pull your energy into the positive, you'll find such a partnership works very well for you. Just make sure all legal necessities are attended to.
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King of Pentacles

Regardless of the difficulties in your career world, your financial situation still goes from strength to strength. Proverbial seeds planted in the past will soon come to fruition as well. Once again we caution you to be vigilant about contracts and matters of legal and accounting import. There is a foreign element involved with your further accomplishments.
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The Emperor

I see you applying your quite formidable mind to reconstructing aspects of your life with equal measures of practicality and idealism. Well done. It won't be long before you look back and see that the disruption in your career was the best thing that could have happened for you. This will help you reassess your concept of what is good and what is bad as far as events go.

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