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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for December 2016

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Page of Swords

The reason a young person is so adversarial and angry with you is that they are dealing with fear. They're afraid and don't understand why or what about. It would be worthwhile for the pair of you to get some sort of mediation or counselling. Although this will involve you in more work and time than you seem to have available, it will be well worth the sacrifice.
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King of Pentacles

Recent discord within your career world causes you to choose to walk away from a lucrative avenue of work. You have lost joy in that arena and it is wise of you to follow your joy in this way. Victory is all around you thanks to this choice and any problems that cross your path as a result of this change will be swiftly and easily overcome. You might have to make a small sacrifice on the one hand in order to achieve inner peace on the other.
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Six of Pentacles

Destiny is inducing good financial times for our Taureans. Money comes to you from unexpected areas and is simply given to you rather than earned by labour. There's also money to come your way as a result of work done in the past, or maybe investments made, that blossom or mature in December. We see celebration and entertainment in your happy home. Redecorating or renovating is possible at this time.
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Page of Wands

A chance taken in recent times proves to be a significant win for you, Taurus. News comes your way about this win and it certainly advances both your financial and emotional wellbeing. This opens the way for you to bring some of those excellent creative ideas into concrete reality. Action taken toward this end at this time is bound to be successful.

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