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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for November 2016

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Two of Wands

A connection with either someone from another country, or with a foreign country itself will arise this month and have a significant impact on your love or relational life. This is going to wake up that somewhat dormant heart of yours, engendering a degree of excitement that you've not felt for some while. You'll have to battle to be able to follow your heart, but that will prove very much worth your while.
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Two of Wands

Well, events spoken of in your sector of romance and relationship will certainly affect your career path as well. You'll be working on combining your work world and your relational world to maximum efficiency. Once again, this will incur opposition from others, but even though this will be temporarily distressing, you will be victorious.
Go to Top Finance
King of Pentacles

The shifts and changes you embrace this month will certainly prove financially worthwhile for our ever-practical Bull. Yet you'll be embarking on some new areas of financial endeavour and this will involve a surprisingly intense learning curve. The hand of destiny is hovering over these events, ensuring success and emotional growth.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Swords

There will be a degree of sorrow accompanying the victory over those who would obstruct the changes you clearly realise you must make. As you gain new connections you may lose some old ones. This is a normal pattern for those who grow in one direction, while familiar contacts grow in another direction. Ultimately all will work for your betterment.

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