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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for October 2017

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Four of Wands

The world of friendships is in primary focus this month. You have indeed a rich emotional harvest where deep and abiding friendships are concerned. Any discords are swiftly and easily solved. A situation of discord, not involving you, but within the friendship circle will arise and you will be well-advised to take a back seat around this and stay uninvolved.
Go to Top Career

Your work circumstances have been harmonious and creatively fecund over recent times. Some situation in the work place will arise this month that causes you some distress. With a calm manner you will decide to fight against an unfairness directed at you, most likely to do with money. You will win, but it will start you thinking about taking your career skills into an independent arena as a consultant.
Go to Top Finance
Four of Pentacles

Lovely, you've got wins to collect and wishes coming true over October and beyond. You've recently been under a lot of pressure where finances are concerned as you're carrying quite the financial burden. Well a win of some sort, not necessarily directly through a gamble, will find you celebrating as the month begins. This should allow you to set another string to your financial bow.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Magician

Your earthy nature requires some solidly practical manifestation to convince you of spiritual realities. Events will arise this month that do satisfy this need. You'll find you are able to ingest certain possibilities with a harmonious heart that allows you to accept deeper understandings. New information will help you suddenly make sense of many things you’ve had doubts about in the past.

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