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Taurus Taurus Tarotscope for January 2017

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The Emperor

You are emotionally caught up with an issue that pertains to money and legal factors. Something is owed to you and you're investigating judicial options. Whatever the outcome, you will soon find yourself treading an entirely new path that allows you to leave the struggles of the past behind.
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Three of Swords

There's strife in the workplace and you're feeling rather gutted and betrayed. A friend or partner involved with you is giving you staunch support. After a brief period of stress and exhaustion while you're involved with solving the work problems, you'll soon find yourself more carefree and still enjoying a considerable material bounty with loved ones.
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The Devil

The troubles indicated in your above two sectors are pertinent here too. There seems to be an initial negative swing where legal and financial matters are concerned. But I see you standing by your values and persisting in the fight, and in so doing you'll have a resounding victory. Soon enough you'll be working away quite happily and harmoniously and there'll also be reason to celebrate.
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The Fool

There's something quite delightfully carefree about our Taureans as the month progresses. Although there are definite stressors on your plate, you seem to have developed a philosophical attitude about current events that keeps your spirits high and healthy even as you undergo the battles spoken of above.

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