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by Suzanna Collins

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Taurus Monthly Forecast for June 2017

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Go to Top Tighten Your Grip
Business-minded Bulls start the month with the Sun in versatile Gemini, your 2nd house of personal finances, values and possessions. You will be tightening the grip on expenses over the coming weeks. It's been a tough time with money going out and not enough coming in, thanks to Mars energising your 2nd house up to the 3rd. You will find that you are more concerned with the income you are making versus your expenditure, so why not sit down and work on a budget for the year ahead? It's a good time to analyse those bank statements, checking over bills and financial obligations. It's time to increase your income stream. Assess your value system, priorities and need for certain possessions.

Up to the 3rd, however, you'll be in search of truth. Making travel plans, dealing with authority types, justice, studies and transforming ideologies are in the frame. From the 1st to the 5th, you'll review areas of joint income, money from other people or investments and may be fortunate enough to gain money from other areas or a parent. Keep smiling, dear Bull, as work opportunities could give you extra cash in your pocket. From the 4th to the 6th, play it safe with money as there will be a tendency to lose it through social activities. Don't believe everything you hear, and stay clear of gambling. Jupiter is on the move turning direct on the 9th, at the time of the Full Moon. If things have been slow on the job scene, you'll probably find opportunities availing themselves so take more interest in what you are doing. Although you'll be in a positive frame of mind, difficulties could arise with joint resources, finances from investments or obtaining a loan. You might even feel you are hemmed in with financial responsibilities and debts.

The Full Moon on the 9th comes in adventurous Sagittarius and will influence your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. For the month of June it is known as the Strawberry Moon, which is attributed by the Algonquin tribe to mark the harvesting time for ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon, Lotus Moon, Green Corn Moon, Windy Moon and When June Berries Are Ripe Moon. It will beam in your house of shared finances, and will address issues of money owed and owing. Your attention will be drawn to joint resources with other people and joint possessions. There may some tricky decisions to make with investments, superannuation, inheritances, and taxes. Are your insurance policies up to date? Business partnership ventures and speculations will need your scrutiny. Review your financial responsibilities, business accounts, debts and loans. You might feel more emotional than usual, particularly in close relationships when you could be a touch possessive about who owns what, let alone being jealous. With Jupiter on the move, it's time to increase your popularity on the work scene. Win bosses over with your skills and gain positive outcomes.

On the 21st, the Sun moves out of Gemini and into conversational Cancer, your 3rd house of communication at the time of the Solstice. Coinciding with this, swift Mercury also heads into your 3rd house, so get ready for a hectic time, with short trips, discussions, and catching up with siblings, neighbours and relatives. Make it a social time and call in on friends. Be a versatile Bull and take an interest in the latest news and talking points.

The 24th sees a New Moon in Cancer, your 3rd house. The next two weeks will make the most of your time with new directions, ideas and plans. It will be difficult for you to sit still as you'll want to be on the move, changing your mind about this and that. Close friends and family members will be important to you, so make sure you touch base and share your story with them. You'll be highly sensitive and in tune with the needs of others. You may even consider buying a new car, mobile phone, computer or other item of technology.
Go to Top Financial Paperwork
Mercury remains in Taurus your 1st house of personality, giving you a chance to express those pent-up thoughts, discussing your personal needs, and making long-range plans. On the 6th, the Cosmic Messenger moves into intellectual Gemini, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. This is the time to think about your financial plans. Have discussions and correspondence on money, check your bank statements and get a budget underway. Perhaps a spreadsheet will help in setting up some goals, such as a savings plan and a key to balance your outlays. From the 18th to the 20th, financial talks may not go according to plan, with possible disappointments. Concentrate on priorities, and don't allow bickering to occur over joint resources and other investment propositions.

On the 21st, Mercury whizzes into chatty Cancer, your 3rd house of communication. You'll want to talk the talk and walk the walk in getting your point across to others. With the Sun also in your 3rd house it will be a busy time for Bulls. From the 29th to July 1st, you'll use your perceptive abilities to see through challenges, particularly involving travel, advanced studies, dealing with authority types and the justice system. Your political and religious views are also topics for discussion.
Go to Top Venus Enters Taurus
Goddess Venus, your planetary ruler, remains in your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. Be open to sympathetic causes, and stay in touch with the emotional and compassionate needs of others, including loved ones. On the 6th, the Goddess dances home to Taurus, your 1st house of personality, stimulating your emotions there till July 4th. This will certainly lift your self-image, adding self-confidence and charm to boot. It's time to embark on a fun-loving and enjoyable phase in which your popularity will soar and you'll have a great time. It marks a fantastic opportunity to enhance your image in some way, too, such as altering the style or colour of your hair or treating yourself to some flattering new clothes. They'll really get you noticed! From the 6th to the 13th, you'll captivate people with your persuasive power, social graces and charisma. A good time to be in favour with other people, use your creative writing ability and to socialize.
Go to Top Motivated and Energised
Power-packed Mars remains in picky Gemini at the start, but on the 4th, and not before time, the Warrior moves into caring Cancer, your 3rd house of communication. You'll be motivated and energised to go with stimulating positions. Prepare for an urge for change, a touch of nervousness, stating what is on your mind -- and getting into a disagreement or two. Be careful whilst driving, being around machinery and sharp objects. Your belief system could be challenged, so proceed with caution keeping in mind less haste means more speed with your need to do everything yesterday.

Your powers of persuasion will be stronger and you should be able to win most people over to your side. Don't leave out tact and diplomacy in your presentation. Remember that not everyone is going to like what you have to say... if you really believe in the stand you are taking, don't back down in order to win a popularity contest. From the 23rd to the 27th you'll think about furthering your interests in your job, or getting promoted. It's not the time to big-note yourself amongst your work colleagues or with the boss. Pay attention to your health and try not to overindulge with too much food.

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