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by Rob Tillett

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Taurus Taurus Daily September 2017
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Daily forecasts for September 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Sep 1: Seek Balance
Seek balance in your life as transforming Pluto and stern Saturn are triggered by the passing Moon today; if you don't take good care of yourself, you are likely to fall ill. Be sure to get plenty of vitamin C, the proper amount of sleep and avoid alcoholic beverages. Accidents are likely to happen if you are travelling, so slow down and take precautions. Lucky colours are beige and blue. Lucky numbers are 32 and 48.
Go to TopSat Sep 2: Torn
Focus on matters at work as the changeable Moon enters Aquarius and your tenth house of career and reputation. Some Bulls may feel torn between family responsibilities and career ambitions at this time and if so, they need to try to find a compromise. You could be tempted to blow up at a troublesome co-worker this morning, but don't waste your energy on petty matters. Lucky colours are black and blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 13.
Go to TopSun Sep 3: Memoirs
The Moon continues to trek through your ninth house, urging you to make plans for tomorrow. The ninth house also rules writing and publishing... have you considered writing your memoirs? You don't have to be famous to pen the highlights (and low lights) of your life; consider doing this for your children, as diaries and journals are often the most treasured possession of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lucky colours are green and khaki. Lucky numbers are 33 and 38.
Go to TopMon Sep 4: Obligations
You may have to see to quite a few obligations as the dutiful Moon activates your tenth house of career and status today. There may be problems with a family member that surface during the next two days. Try to listen with your heart and not just with your mind. Some confusion may exist, so make the effort to clear up any misunderstandings. Lucky colours are grey and brown. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopTue Sep 5: Passion Soars
With Mars dancing into Virgo, you'll find your physical energy and passionate enthusiasm will soar and you will demand the right to be yourself. No one is going to be pushing you into a corner and demand that you do your duty. Mercury turns direct, improving communications on the home front too. Indulgence, relaxation and finding your place in the spotlight will be your main aims for the next few weeks. Just watch that you do not take too many risks if you are sporty, since Mars can generate a rather headstrong energy. Lucky colours are platinum and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 7 and 38.
Go to TopWed Sep 6: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon has the potential to be very romantic for many Bulls. This is a fertile, creative Moon, so if you are trying to start a family, this may be the night. Spending time with your favourite friends and associates could be the best inspiration, so make time for those who know and love you well. Lucky colours are coral and pink. Lucky numbers are 1 and 30.
Go to TopThu Sep 7: Friendly Moon
The friendly Moon moves through your eleventh house of associates, setting a pleasant mood for the day. Romance is not out of the question although it may seem you are too busy for such diversions. Allow time for rest and recreation, getting fresh air and exercise if possible. Anything you do with a group will be rewarding, especially singles who may meet someone special. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 17.
Go to TopFri Sep 8: Secrets and Solitude
Quiet moments will be your happiest as the Moon drifts through your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. It will be easier to stay home than to go out this evening; avoid crowded places and unpleasant people if possible. Your psychic abilities increase during the next twenty-four hours. Pay attention to your intuition and hunches today. Lucky colours are blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
Go to TopSat Sep 9: Sharp Intuition
Your intuition may be sharper than usual as the Moon blends well with Jupiter and Neptune... if you feel you may be in danger, don't take any chances. Often your sixth sense will process information that slips by your conscious mind, so trust your gut and your heart today. Lucky colours are green and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopSun Sep 10: Stand Up
The moody Moon enters your sign helping you to feel more powerful. It will be much easier to speak your mind and to stand up for yourself. Be inventive, step outside the square and let go of the preconceptions that have been holding you back for some time. Let your imagination run wild and trust yourself to take a risk. Romance is in the frame for eligible Bulls. Conversations with children will be important. Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopMon Sep 11: Rebirth
Your natural understanding in matters of life, death and rebirth can be used in healing practices, so use your power wisely. This is a good day to express yourself and to share your wisdom. Don't hide your light -- shine it brightly for everyone to see and practice random acts of kindness as Mercury and Mars make waves. Lucky colours are red and gold. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopTue Sep 12: Budget Focus
Try to stay focused as the Moon moves through your second house of personal finances today. The more organized you can be with your budget, the more you can save for the future. Of course, you'll need to set aside some money each week to spend on pleasure, otherwise, what is all this hard work for? Find a satisfactory balance. Lucky colours are brown and green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopWed Sep 13: Disagreements
Disagreements are likely between you and your associates and even your best friends may be at odds with you today. The best way to avoid unnecessary arguments is to keep your opinions to yourself. Unless it is a matter of life and death or involves the welfare of a child, keep your personal viewpoints private. Lucky colours are pewter and teal. Lucky numbers are 7 and 39.
Go to TopThu Sep 14: Speak Up
It will be easier to speak up as the Moon moves through Cancer and your third house of communication. Don't be afraid to say what you think, especially on matters which you have thought long and hard about. Chances are good you will be able to gather a great deal of support to your side. Siblings and neighbours are important now. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Go to TopSat Sep 15: Intuitive Moon
The intuitive Moon passes through your third house of communication today and you may be receiving telepathic messages or sending out signals to others. It is often easier to understand a person's true meaning by watching them rather than listening to them, so brush up on your body language knowledge. That way, you will be more aware of the subtle signals you are sending out. Lucky colours are turquoise and amber. Lucky numbers are 3 and 17.
Go to TopFri Sep 16: Lighthearted Mood
Enjoy the lighthearted mood. Lunch today with a neighbor or sibling should lift your spirits and you will be appreciated for your warmth and support. This afternoon could prove to be quite busy, so try to pace yourself. Tonight is wonderful for getting together with colleagues... perhaps a barbecue or dinner with the Great and Good will appeal to you. Lucky colours are canary yellow and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopMon Sep 17: Good Fortune
Good fortune can be yours as the Moon blends harmoniously with the planets today; your efforts are paying off both materially and spiritually. Your natural inclination to serve and support others has given you a solid reputation... you may not be the flashiest sign of the Zodiac, but you are one of the most caring and dependable. Lucky colours are grey and blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 23.
Go to TopTue Sep 18: Playful Spirit
A playful spirit abounds as the Moon enters earthy Virgo and your fifth house of pleasure... enjoy an evening of fun and laughter. Sit under the stars and enjoy your favourite music if the weather allows, and if you can't get outdoors, be sure to bring fresh plants and flowers indoors to set a more tropical mood. Advantageous colours are pale gold and royal purple Lucky numbers are 15 and 30.
Go to TopSun Sep 19: Rekindle Romance
The combination of mysterious Neptune and the sensitive Moon in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity could rekindle romance in your life. Whatever happens, today won't be boring. Those of you with children might want to keep an extra close eye on them; they could be prone to accidents and mishaps now. Lucky colours are red and bronze. Lucky numbers are 28 and 32.
Go to TopWed Sep 20: New Moon
Passion between you and your mate, friend or associate may erupt today as the New Moon triggers fireworks in your life. Whether this sparks friendly competition or just a tumble between the sheets depends on your state of mind. As sweet Venus, your life-ruler also enters earthy Virgo for a month, your romantic side comes out. You can improve relationships with children and expand social contacts. Remember to curb that extravagance in your pursuit of pleasure. Artistic urges are stimulated. If you are aware of today's creative energy, you can use it to create fun and excitement rather than disagreements. Lucky colours are red and orange. Lucky numbers are 14 and 25.
Go to TopThu Sep 21: Details
If you have been overindulging, it may be time to take in health food for both the mind and the body. As the Moon activates your sixth house of health and service, you'll be reminded of all those little things you may have forgotten to take care of. Whether it is flossing your teeth or filling out an expense report, you will want to attend to details. Lucky colours are blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 14 and 33.
Go to TopFri Sep 22: Head Down
You've been eager to enjoy yourself during the past four weeks but from today as the Sun enters Libra, your sixth house, the emphasis shifts to your work and obligations. So be prepared to reduce the amount of time you spend playing and increase the amount of work you do. If you know that you need to make adjustments to your working life, start as you mean to go on. Lucky colours are teal blue and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 6 and 7.
Go to TopSat Sep 23: In Tune
You'll feel in tune with your best friend or mate as the Moon moves through your seventh house of marriage and partnership. Communication and cooperation is easier as fortunate Jupiter and enthusiastic Mars add energy to this transit. Good things can come from being open and honest, so share your thoughts and feelings with someone you care about. Lucky colours are pink and red. Lucky numbers are 15 and 32.
Go to TopSun Sep 24: Moody Moon
The moody Moon is in your seventh house of significant others, potentially bringing tension to the surface. With many changes occurring in your fourth house of home and family, there is likely to be adjustments that need to be made in your closest relationships. The growing pains you have endured in your marriage or partnership have only just begun, so be prepared to stretch. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopMon Sep 25: Temptation, Temptation
Practice moderation on this day when you might be tempted to overspend and overindulge. The Bull is always happiest when in equilibrium, so avoid going too far in any direction. A sixth sense about children and relationships may be strong now. Pay attention to your intuition but wait before initiating any new projects. Lucky colours are brown and red. Lucky numbers are 18 and 9.
Go to TopTue Sep 26: Your Choice
Excitement is in the air as the romantic Moon and magnetic Mars create heat today. Whether this manifests in a positive or negative way is entirely up to you. Channel some of this powerful energy into physical activity. Getting fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature will be very beneficial for you. Why not share a picnic with someone special? Lucky colours are silver and white. Lucky numbers are 13 and 30.
Go to TopWed Sep 27: Spiritual Side
This is a good day for getting in touch with your spiritual side as the intuitive Moon and powerful Jupiter harmonize well. Start the morning off with an easy Yoga stretch; if you haven't done yoga before, you will probably be able to find a beginner's tape at your local department store. Spend time recharging your spiritual batteries. Lucky colours are royal blue and red wine. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
Go to TopThu Sep 28: Give and Receive
The nurturing Moon and prosperous Jupiter blend well today. Some of you may be feeling quite generous, while others could be the recipients of special gifts. Keep in mind that what you give or receive need not have any material value whatsoever. A spiritual gift of time or talent is often priceless, so consider this when looking for the perfect present. Lucky colours are blue and orange. Lucky numbers are 26 and 36.
Go to TopFri Sep 29: Soaring
If the weather permits, this is the kind of day for flying kites. Imagine that it is you soaring above the clouds as you guide your kite through the air; imagine what sort of freedom you would have if you could fly! While you are at it, don't be afraid to dream of a better future for yourself. Get outside and do something exhilarating, even if it is just taking a walk down a garden path. Lucky colours are green and maroon. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopSat Sep 30: Good Name
The Moon enters Aquarius and your tenth house of career and status today, making you more aware of your personal reputation. Taurus is often a pillar of the community, so chances are good that you are well thought of. You may want to use your reputation to benefit a good cause, so check out your local charities. Help out in any way you can. Lucky colours are black and grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
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