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Taurus, the Bull Taurus Rising

Taurus by Barbara Nagel


Taurus Rising gives you a stubborn streak, combined with a sturdy physique and tremendous physical stamina. Tenacious in getting what you want, your great patience can be the very key to your success. You need, however, to overcome a tendency to procrastinate and a certain difficulty with undesirable habits and behavioural patterns.

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Ruled by Venus, planet of sensuality and beauty, you are considered physically attractive. Appreciative as you are, my dears, of good food and fine wines, you may yet avoid an expanding waistline... physical fitness and staying in shape having such a high priority with you. Since you enjoy presenting yourself in the best light, you simply delight in cosmetics and other beauty aids and, no slave to fashion, you select clothes that either show off your best points or are extremely comfortable. Physical comfort is paramount and you do so love the feeling of soft, luxurious materials.

Sociable, yet unobtrusive, you enjoy social occasions, especially in the company of friends, even though you can be rather rude and obnoxious when the mood takes you. This is no doubt due to your innate shyness. Some of you need to overcome a fixation with personal appearance and learn to grow old gracefully. On bad days you can be despicably lazy and take little or no interest in your physical appearance or manner of dress.

Go to Top The Finer Things In Life

Taurus has materialistic, status-seeking tendencies. You take pains to hide it, but you can be unduly influenced by the powerful or wealthy. Although your practicality is often self-serving, you are pragmatic and can usually be relied upon for constructive suggestions that help others as much as yourself.

The finer things in life must include art and music, for you are innately talented, with a pleasant, resonant voice. Beware of infections and injuries to your neck and throat and you are subject to earaches and infections.

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