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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for September 2016

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Knight of Pentacles
You are engaged in a period where you are confronted with the need to find a better balance between emotional satisfaction through material enrichment and emotional enrichment. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the buzz of yummy purchases, but if it becomes a palliative for lack of emotional or relational richness in your life, then destiny will bring you direction toward greater investment in your emotional wellbeing. Both love and prosperity will come your way.
Go to Top Career
King of Swords
You're doing just fine in your career sector. You have all the smarts, all the experience needed to keep that career ball rolling. This is a time when you'll need to juggle your work diary to keep up with demands and you'll manage that intelligently, as usual. You're also percolating a new work idea, and with a little time and much incisive preparation, your hopes will be fulfilled.
Go to Top Finance
The Tower
Yes, it does appear this month as if your finances are coming crashing down around your ears. Do not worry, Scorp, truly. This is all part of the emotional and spiritual lessons arising as described in your sector of romance and relationship. Your finances will undergo renewal and regeneration as if by magic and very soon. The emotional win disolves temporary money scares.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Chariot
This card speaks to inner travel as well as actual geographic travel. You are destined to experience both this month, Scorpio. Travel will bring about gains in work or business undertakings and you'll be fully energised to ride that stream of opportunity. That new work-path we mentioned before is also enhanced by the events of this month.

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