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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for August 2017

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Ace of Swords

You're dealing with a young person who seems to be in trouble and is creating difficulties for you. Although you hold some fear, based on past experience of this kind, you will manage with incisive wisdom and strong boundaries. It will be in concentrating on creative activities that will bring both you and the other person to a state of peace.
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Four of Swords

From a position of previous strength, your career goes into a period of stasis and you're not happy about it. Calm down and enjoy the peace and quiet. With the help of friends and associates you'll overcome this slump and soon find yourself busier than you wanted to be. Regardless of shouldering the workload, you'll be pleased with the money involved.
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Queen of Cups

You will have made various sacrifices during the period of professional slump and it will please your heart as you see your finances slowly being restored to better health. Yet it won't be long before that initial trickle becomes a most satisfactory flood and, with good management on your part, you'll feel you're enjoying a fine harvest.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Fool

Sometimes our greatest spiritual lessons come from self-created folly, and it's the experience of clearing up the aftermath that holds an important key toward your greater joy. You do not lack the courage to take chances, so have faith that all is leading toward your greater good.

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