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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for August 2016

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Six of Wands
What exactly are you trying to win, or gain in relation to your emotional life? Is it a healthier relationship with some person or people? Is it wanting to find yourself held in the heart of a particular person? The nature of the aims will differ for each of you, but the result will be the same: victory! Expect to be celebrating by the time the month draws to its end.
Go to Top Career
The World
Destiny's hand is upon events this month in your sector of career. There's an aspect of your work that is going to take a sudden tumble and, much as you'll initially feel a bit devastated over this, the truth is that one door just had to close in order to guide you to enter another door that brings you into alignment with your deeper life's purpose. New hopes will emerge and they will surely come true.
Go to Top Finance
Two of Pentacles
Matters of money will be something of a juggle for a short while, but that's just until you reorganise your finances to support the new avenues of career endeavour that you are being guided toward. You'll still be happily working away in the surviving aspects of the work you know, while also putting much energy into establishing another avenue of income.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Swords
So, as we said, your tendency will be to cry disaster when circumstances change around your work life. Take heed Scorpio, of this sector's comforting reiteration of advice. Don't panic. You are being led toward your greater good and the chances you choose to take in reconstructing your work life will bring you greater gains than you realise at this time.

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