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Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for April 2017

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Eight of Cups

A relationship has ceased to be attractive to you, so you choose to walk away from it entirely. This engenders great change in your life, some of which you won't have expected. This opens the way to an entirely new relationship blossoming which is built on harmonious energies that suit your heart and soul.
Go to Top Career

We see regeneration and renewal in your career sector this month. Your hopes and dreams are being realised and just as you've planned, money is forthcoming in a steady flow. Your business acumen is mature and informed, standing you in a position where you can safely take a chance every now and then if your gut says it's a goer. Trust yourself.
Go to Top Finance
Five of Swords

You've got money there and more coming in, but it seems you're going to have to defend your finances from an attempt to cheat you. You will win, even if it takes application to legal measures and all that is yours will be thoroughly protected. The down side is the sorrow you'll feel around exactly who turns out to be behind this financial onslaught.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Eight of Cups

This pertains to the period of rebalance between a previous relationship and a new one to come. It seems that it will be through an aspect of your work life that you meet someone new. You'll be all of a dither for a while there, but it will settle into being a good partnership. Good times ahead, even though much comes your way rather suddenly and by surprise.

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